Backyard jungle weeds

June 24, 2010 at 11:50 am | Posted in gardening | 1 Comment
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Before photo: An overgrown jungle.

In the spring, summer and fall Daryle keeps a pretty packed schedule between his full-time job and second practically full-time job DJing, meeting with potential clients for gigs on weekday evenings, and then the actual club gig or special event on the weekends. I do my best to hold down the fort by keeping up with the house, doing the grocery shopping and maintaining the garden—interspersed with hanging out with friends and overseeing Fitzgibbons and Shebeen’s outdoor time (yes, I’m a crazy cat lady). Last week, Daryle and I took took a day off from work to spend some quality time in my favorite place—the backyard. We dedicated a good portion of the day to pulling weeds—which there were a ton of. I’m embarrassed to admit that some had grown up to four feet tall. Ugh. I realize that pulling weeds with your sweetie may not sound like a typical so-happy-together kind of day; but to us, teaming up to make our little yard a better place was a uniting experience.

After three hours of being hunched over, pulling weed-by-weed, and digging up trees of heaven and other junk trees; we were sweaty and delirious enough to take this nerdy photo of ourselves.
Fitzgibbons was a huge help; pulling only the most difficult root-bound weeds. [Can you find her in the picture?]
Here’s evidence of just how overgrown the backyard was.
After photo: What a big difference!

We worked swiftly pulling, yanking, and digging those weeds up, pulling vines from the neighboring fences and stuffing them into bags. Later, we made dinner and reflected what a wonderful day we had together. I loved working together to accomplish something that we both really appreciated. We ended the day feeling healthy from spending so much time outdoors, accomplished, and determined to never let the yard become a jungle again.

Garden Update: Weeds, tomatoes and white spots

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In addition to the vegetables growing tall, my backyard was totally consumed by weeds. I just can’t seem to keep up with them. Before I know it, I have nasty, tall weeds taking over. I spent a good part of Sunday pulling each one-by-one. I don’t have the heart to put any sort of weed killer on the ground since it’s bad for water run-off and the environment in general—and the poison would be just too close to my future dinner.

The Amana Orange tomatoes bloomed much later than the Brandywines. Here is proof that I will have a medley of tomatoes in the days to come.

The sunflowers continue to bloom so well. Now there are off-shoots of smaller flowers that have grown from the main plant.

My only concern at the moment is about my gloriously long pumpkin plant. Out of nowhere the plant has developed white spots. Google says this is a sign of fungus and offers a variety of advice. I’m hoping to still be able to yield a few pumpkins come Halloween.

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