Spring at Last — Catching Up on Our Vitamin D

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I’ve mentioned it before that I’m trying to be more spontaneous with our afternoons with Jack. I am the worst creature of habit and I’m trying to break free. Finally we’ve had a burst of warmth and it’s supposed to reach the 80’s this week. Yesterday afternoon, as soon as Jack awoke from his nap, we went for a picnic in Rock Creek Park. We are SO pale that I just laid in the sun without a drop of SPF. Daryle brought the Radio Flyer wagon so Jack could go-cart down the hill. Seriously, dad’s are the best for introducing a little recklessness in children. If it wasn’t for Daryle, Jack and I would have just sat and played in the grass. The two of them had the best time rolling down the hill again and again. We’ll be coming back to this park for as long as the weather lasts. It’s really the perfect spot to be; with wide open space, Jack is free to go where he pleases, collecting twigs and bladed of grass. I’ll be the mere spectator, but tomorrow I’ll be sure to bring the SPF (because Dad, I know you read this!).

Playgroup Picnic + Petting Zoo

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Jack’s playgroup hosted a picnic in the local park for families to meet and socialize. The picnic wound up being so so fun. This playgroup seriously knows how to throw a party. They had really good barbeque, wine and a keg full of Fat Tire beer. For the kids (oh right, the kids!), the most adorable petting zoo!

Jack loves our two cats at home so when we showed him the miniature horse (not pony!) he was so excited to pat it.

He was also really excited to play with the plastic cup with drops of beer left in it.

Little scared bunnies.

For the rest of the afternoon, the cup went everywhere Jack went. Look at those little soft bunnies.

Check out Jack practicing standing in his new shoes!

At last, a moment of quiet. Jack and the baby goat picking grass.

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