Backyard garden: Lots of greens

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This is the first year I’ve grown kale. It is a hardy plant that will thrive through the summer. I love the blue-ish green leaves. Kale tastes yummy sautéed with olive oil and a little balsamic vinaigrette. At least I think so. :)

In March I doused fresh soil with edible greens seeds—partly out of laziness because the seeds are just so small. Here we are at the end of April and everything is growing—a little too close together. I pulled several young plants to give their brothers some room.

Arugula. This crop is flourishing. It is the easiest green to grow. I literally threw seeds on the soil and they sprouted in a few days. Eating arugula makes me feel like I’m at a fancy restaurant.
Mixed red and green lettuce.
The ole nightly standby—spinach.
Above: Don’t judge me, haha. I have a giant mirror as a long ornament in my backyard. It is SO big and soooo heavy that it has sat here for um, a little while. And now that I have openly admitted this, maybe it will encourage Daryle and me to move it up the hill to the ally. I’m not looking forward to that day. …
Raised bed. Hi.
The ash tree is filling in.
The neighbor’s cat, Ruby. She’s so cute and makes my cats jealous.
Baby greens pulled fresh from the garden. We enjoyed a fresh salad along with our steak and sautéed mushroom dinner last night.

This week is going to be very warm—almost hot. The days are so much longer and I love coming home from work and sitting in my backyard unwinding. Until then…

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