Spring at Last — Catching Up on Our Vitamin D

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spring-rock-creek-dc-001 spring-rock-creek-dc-002 spring-rock-creek-dc-003 spring-rock-creek-dc-004 spring-rock-creek-dc-005 spring-rock-creek-dc-006

I’ve mentioned it before that I’m trying to be more spontaneous with our afternoons with Jack. I am the worst creature of habit and I’m trying to break free. Finally we’ve had a burst of warmth and it’s supposed to reach the 80’s this week. Yesterday afternoon, as soon as Jack awoke from his nap, we went for a picnic in Rock Creek Park. We are SO pale that I just laid in the sun without a drop of SPF. Daryle brought the Radio Flyer wagon so Jack could go-cart down the hill. Seriously, dad’s are the best for introducing a little recklessness in children. If it wasn’t for Daryle, Jack and I would have just sat and played in the grass. The two of them had the best time rolling down the hill again and again. We’ll be coming back to this park for as long as the weather lasts. It’s really the perfect spot to be; with wide open space, Jack is free to go where he pleases, collecting twigs and bladed of grass. I’ll be the mere spectator, but tomorrow I’ll be sure to bring the SPF (because Dad, I know you read this!).

[East Coast] Washington, DC’s best DJ for Weddings, Events, and Clubs

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Really exciting news … Daryle, ahem, I mean DJ D-Mac and his DJ Associates have picked up so much steam that they had a major feature in Washingtonian magazine’s special wedding edition! His business is proving to be a niche market on the East Coast. No longer are people looking for a guy in a mustache to Dee Jay their wedding and make unfunny comments into the microphone. They’re looking for their own individual party of the universe! I know that’s what we wanted when we planned our wedding (and yes, Rusty B. one of Daryle’s associates DJ’d our wedding and our friends are still talking about it 2+ years later!).

I get the feeling that when people think of a DJ, they tend to think two categories: 1.) Cheeseball; or 2.) Too clubby. Daryle and his boys are neither. They’re music fanatics, people who obsess over finding a rare Northern Soul 45 and freak out when finding a dusty flea market go-go track on cassette tape. They love their indie but they also love Daft Punk too. And they also have no problem throwing down a little top 40 or your favorite Madonna track from the late 80’s. They simply mix-it-up (literally, all of the DJs mix in-and-out of tracks as opposed to your “DJ” next door who selects tracks [i.e. turns one song up and the other down.]) and keeps you guessing.

Daryle has built such a following just doing what he loves. I’ve crashed a few of his wedding and have seen with my own eyes, mother’s of the bride with sweat running down their face, their arms held up to the sky dancing their tails off. That’s actually how we met and fell in love — I threw a party and was in need of a DJ. A mutual DJ friend (Neville-C, also an Associate) introduced us and well, after that party, it was all history. Every Friday and Saturday, and even some Tuesdays, I’d stay out till the wee hours dancing with friends and sometimes with strangers if I couldn’t find anyone to go out with, to his tracks at Saint Ex, Local 16, ESL, Marvin, Dodge City (to name a few) and he always rocked the dance floor. Today, he still DJs out on the town, but spends the majority of his time playing for newly married couples and their closest family and friends. Music creates such a powerful emotion and on such a major day in a couple’s life, you should probably have someone who is equally passionate about playing the best songs that you’ve ever heard (like your favorite-est favorite songs that you have to instantly Shazam because you forgot all about that song. You know what I mean?!)  And I know I’m going on-and-on about my husband, but this feature story on him in Washingtonian is the truth! I’m so so happy that Daryle and his crew are getting the recognition that they deserve! I know this sounds so much like a “sponsored post” but if you are in need of a DJ (they will travel anywhere) and want an awesome DJ for your wedding, birthday bash, corporate or holiday party, you should at least take a peak at Daryle’s (DJ D-Mac’s) website and get an idea of the style, and vibe that they are creating. Daryle has a bunch of DJ Associates that are essentially playing the same gospel as he is and you won’t be let down. (Says the wifey.)

St. Paddy’s Day in DC — scenes from, Yours Truly!

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jack-st-patricks-day-2013-07I haven’t been to a parade in forever, so I thought it would be fun to head downtown to Constitution Avenue with the family for some St. Paddy’s Day fun. We had so many layers on because the temperature was downright chilly and misty, and I swear we were decked out in green from head-to-toe, although you can’t really tell. The day started off a little questionable. Jack was not feeling very proud of his Irish heritage, but after we got out of the house, his moody behavior faded as we cheered on the Irish step dancers, the Shriners doing tricks in their miniature cars, and various ROTC groups. I’m a sucker for marching bands, as I participated in my high school’s marching band all four years (I’m sayin’ it loud and proud!). While we watched the floats go by, Daryle remembered his grandfather loved parades and it made me love the idea of starting a new tradition for our son, Jack to remember when he looks back at his young days with his mom and dad. Hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day!

A bit of sun and warmth — our weekend outside!

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jack-washington-dc-park-exploring=01At last, a hint of warm air drifted into DC promising that spring is just around the corner. Daryle was out of town for a gig, most of the weekend so Jack and I were on our own. We visited my mom in Maryland on Saturday for lunch and fun outside of the city. On Sunday, we marked the first afternoon of daylight savings by spending the entire time outside. We took a long walk around the neighborhood, stopping to chat with any neighbor who found an excuse to be outside. Sure, racking leaves sounded good on such a heavenly day. We then found our way to the local park where we met another little fellow Jack’s aged, blonde hair, named , well, Jack of course! The baby-swings prove to be total bliss for Jack. I love watching his utter glee as he soared back and forth, higher and higher until I get nervous and stopped pushing to let him swing closer to the ground. He’s not quite walking yet, so I put him down to crawl on the rubbery play-mat, among the gravel. He wasn’t terribly interested in the merry-go-round and instead made a beeline for the grass. I tried my hardest not to be a total helicopter-mom and allowed him to crawl through the dirt and cigarette butts promising myself that I’d wash his hands as soon as we got home. (He was fine!) I love watching Jack’s independence grow as he explores farther and farther away from me, though secretly, I want to smush him up and give him a million kisses, though, that’s life and being a mother I suppose.

Out&About: Hanging out in the Ice-Cold Sculpture Garden

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05-smithsonian-sculpture-garden-ice-skate-djs-music copy

All through the winter, Daryle and his DJ Associates have been spinning at the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden’s ice rink every Thursday evening. It was a flattering that the Smithsonian approached Daryle in the first place and he and his boys jumped at the chance to form an alliance with such a huge institution in DC. Jack’s bed time has been consistently 7pm for the last seven months, so I’m generally in for the night before the sun sets (sadly). But last night marked the last skating rink party of the season, so we put our layers on and found ourselves downtown to hear DJ Stereo Faith plays his tracks. Rusty B, one of the other DJs on Daryle’s team brought his two kids and even though it was way after 7pm, Jack was ready to party. I wish I got pictures of the little boy, Haven giving Jack high-fives. They’re super-sweet little boys.

In other news, I just got my hair colored (again), marking the most amount of chemicals I’ve ever had on my head in my entire life. I decided the super-platinum color was way too high maintenance for me and switched to a more normal color that’s still lighter than my dark blonde locks. Yay! I think it looks good. :)

Now that it is March, I’d like to notify you that I am officially over winter.

Go see the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the Hirshhorn!

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We took a family field-trip in the middle of a weekday afternoon to The Hirshhorn, our favorite Smithsonian museum. The Hirshhorn has an incredible modern and contemporary art collection, something that remains dear to me. We want to have Jack exposed to as much art and music as possible at this early age, so that he will grow to appreciate it. I had heard nothing but rave reviews of the Ai Weiwei exhibit and it did not let us down one bit. I was drawn to the show’s black and white photography, many of which are politically charged (middle finger toward government buildings). Weiwei has remained an outspoken critic of communism and government in general and has faced a ton of oppression from his home country. He was the mastermind behind the Chinese Olympic stadium, known as the “Bird Nest.” There was an entire wing dedicated to the design and construction of the structure which lined the museum wing’s walls and ceiling! So much to see. Sometimes I forget our lucky we are to live in a city where all of this is no more than a couple miles downtown.

The Ai Weiwei show closes this Sunday, February 24th. Don’t miss it!
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