Feels Like We Only Going Backwards

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I cannot stop listening to the song “Feels like we only go backwards” by Tame Impala, a psychedelic-rock band out of Perth, Australia. I literally have it on repeat. The lead singer’s voice reminisces John Lennon as he almost hauntingly says the lyrics in sort of a musical round. If you like it, and you can’t not like it, also give a listen to “Elephant.” My dear sweet love of a friend Mike Meece sent me the song link and we instantly freaked out about it together. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the same reaction.

Subaru + Marketing Team = Me

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Before I had Jack, I traded in my tin-box on wheels for a Subaru and I’ve never looked back once. Those heated seats, the automatic transmission, yeah, that’s luxury. haha. I’m serious too (in the nerdiest way possible.)! Subaru’s marketing team has me pegged to a T. Every single commercial gets me. The one where the mom and daughter are in the community garden with the wheel barrow — Me. The other one with the man and the chocolate lab puppy, which fast-forwards to the guy getting married, having a kid and you slowly see the dog get older and more grey — wahhh! I can’t take it! And now the latest one of the handsome dad waiting with his young daughter to get picked up by the school bus. I’m crying as I type this. It made me think: that’s gonna be me someday!!! It’s so good. Watch and I bet you’ll have a spontaneous allergy attack come on.

I love the song by Tashaki Miyaki too. She has a voice that reminds me of Hope Sandoval (or Mazzy Star — my ultimate fave) and the background music has a Velvet Underground sound.

P.S. Thank you, my darling friend Alicia for sending this to me!

Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Issue — steams.

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And here it is, the 2013 cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, featuring Kate Upton, for the second year in a row. Bam!

Here’s how the reaction went between Daryle and me when we saw the cover flashed on this mornings ‘Today Show’:


Daryle: What?

Need I say more? haha. Not that it’s actually noticeable, but I love that groovy ‘Polar Bare’ font.

Lena Dunham photographed by Terry Richardson!!!

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There she is! Hello Lena! You are currently rocking my world, looking fantastic in your pixie cut and leotard in front of Terry Richardson’s lens.

Read the short and juicy feature on Lena in the latest issue of V magazine. She’s so funny and just doesn’t seem to try and impress anyone—I don’t think it’s an act either. I cannot wait for the new Season of GIRLS (Jan. 13th on HBO) and I love so much that she’s Terry Richadson’s latest muse!

Battle of the Men’s Mag: Esquire vs. GQ

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Hmph, this is so snarky, but I can’t help but draw a parallel between America’s top two men’s magazine’s January 2013 covers, only because every single magazine issue I worked on, the editors would gather together and wonder aloud “but how will it look on newsstands?” So seeing the January 2013 cover of GQ, having my socks knocked off and immediately falling back-in-love with Bill Murray; my senses were rather deflated when Daryle’s copy of Esquire arrived at our doorstep. One definitely wins and the other is like whateva. Bill Murray makes my “yeah, I’d do him list” and Sean Penn … in that picture (yes, he looks diesel) but the face, not so much. Sorry, it’s true and I bet those editors at Esquire and shaking their fists and saying “Murray!” (like Jerry Seinfeld would yell “Newman!”). Nice way to kick off the New Year, GQ!

Mila Kunis — Sexiest Woman Alive?

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Joining the ranks with Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale, and Scarlett Johansson; this year Esquire magazine names Mila Kunis “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Are you a fan? I kind of love her. Hot-hot-hot.

See more photos from the shoot by Cliff Watts right here and a slideshow of Mila through the years here.

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