Simplest most gorgeous gold earrings I’ve ever seen

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I was taken aback when I stumbled upon these beautifully simple gold cuff earrings. Don’t you just love them?!

The best all-around small but sturdy city stroller (and super cute too!).

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Like all soon-to-be moms, I researched like crazy the perfect stroller. If I was actually going to use the stroller, I knew it had to be small to get around city stores; it needed to work really well (i.e. go over city terrain and through the park); and it needed to be cute if I was actually going to be seen walking around with it. I took a trip to Buy Buy Baby, which I can attest, is one of the worst places on earth. (Everyone is pregnant and feels like they’re entitled to be a grump // including me at the time!) But going to a place like that is helpful because you can talk to their sales reps, who are surprisingly knowledgeable; and you can practice folding up and down the stroller, and wheeling it around the aisles. I settled on the Bugaboo Bee because it had all of the “bells and whistles” that I wanted. It’s the smallest and most rugged of its kind. There are tons of tiny strollers out there but many of them have flimsy wheels that won’t go over a rock. The Bugaboo Bee can roll right over a pot hole or park gravel. The feature that really sealed the deal for me was that you can turn the seat around so your baby faces you! Most strollers do not offer that feature. You can also attach a car seat to the Bee so you won’t need two strollers (some people will get the “snap and go” to use while the baby is small and then upgrade to the real stroller) by easily removing the seat. (Note: You can only use a Maxi-Cosi or Graco carseat with it. We love our Maxi-Cosi!). There are a bunch of cute colors to choose from. And, as of today … they just released the most adorable limited edition: a blue visor with black and white stripes under the hood! I want it! The only negative aspects of the stroller admittedly are: it takes two hands to snap the stroller in place. It’s an easy snap, but you can’t do it while holding a baby in one arm. This hasn’t posed a problem for me, but I thought I’d mention it. The other, goes without saying — it’s friggin’ expensive, but overall, it’s worth it for all its reliability, ease of use, and cuteness! Have any other questions about it? Let me know and I’ll help analyze it with you!

Do blondes have more fun?

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I guess every birthday can’t be the talk of the town and this year for me, was nothing to even write a blog post about. We had planned a getaway to Berkeley Springs, WV and reserved a suite at a Spa/Inn. The plan was to relax together as a family outside of the city for a of couple nights. I would be able to sneak away to the hotel spa while Daryle entertained Jack. We checked into our room to discover the shabbiest little space and stink bugs all over the place. I kid you not. It was disgusting and gave me the hebbie-jebbies (I’ve never actually typed that expression before). No, no I could not stay there for two nights with my son crawling every where. I would rather be at my house than a roommate to a bunch of stink bugs in a sad little town 100 miles from DC. We literally checked out within 30 minutes of being there and turned around and drove home. Sigh. So Saturday, the day of my birthday — with nothing planned I decided to relax the day away at a spa in Georgetown. It was very relaxing indeed, but it was actually a bit lonely. So I signed up for everything the spa offered :) — hot stone massage, facial, manicure, hair cut and — a major color change! I said I wanted to go really really blonde. Lighter and whiter! The stylist asked ‘Do you want to go January Jones blonde?’ And suddenly, I swooned because I love January Jones! (Despite her lack of a personality…) YES PLEASE! I sat in the chair for hours with foil and hair dye all over my head. When the stylist washed out the color I looked in the mirror and thought my hair looked clear. OMG. It’s a big difference, and I’m praying that my hair resembles January Jones and not Tara Reid. haha. It’s a bold statement for me, but I’m loving the change.

Mid-Century Shopping in the DC area

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Daryle and I are always on the hunt for new (old) finds for our home. We try so hard to be minimalists, but there’s just too much cool $hit out there. I have a rule though — no more nicnacks because we don’t have space for them! From now on, we only want functional pieces to hide our shtuff. Our mid-century modern home boasts a great wide open floor plan, but one thing the architect left out — was having space to put your crap. Being a clothes horse, I have the clothes that don’t fit in our closets stuffed in big storage bins that are stacked to the ceiling in our basement. It’s not the best way to live. So we are on the look out for a mid-century / teak dresser. Though, I’m pretty sure they didn’t make any dressers in the 1950s that would hold the amount of clothes I have; just maybe there’s something suitable out there. We headed to one of our favorite mid-century shops in DC — Millenium. The shop is tiny and jam packed with the best finds, all of which are really well priced. If you are a fan of teak furniture, you could essentially outfit your entire home with teak in one trip to Millenium. Fun!

A quick snap.

I thinking of doing a series: Babies on modern furniture.

But no, we don’t need a sofa.

[This was from two weekends ago, hence the short sleeves.] Then a walk through U Street — our old stomping ground.

…as Jack rock’s his denim jacket.

And swing around the corner past the house that I lived in when I first moved to DC. Yes, that house is where I lived — and it looked nothing like that when I lived there. Imagine bricks falling and a really dirty facade. But it was truly one of the most fun periods of my life, living with five others — all in our roaring twenties.

In the car, we drove through downtown.

and saw Monuments and stuff.

And The Monument of course which is under a multi-million dollar renovation after the earthquake.

To Alexandria, Virginia to the most amazing mid-century shop called Daniel Donnelly. It was the first time I’d been to the store, located in a warehouse — I was in love. Dan Donnelly, the owner originally solely sold mid-century modern furniture, but over time he began designing his own modern-inspired furniture [checky-outy] which he sells in the store along side Herman Miller products.

Dan Donnelly also restores mid-century furniture. We have a very early Eames Lounge Chair and the black leather was completely splitting apart at the seams, so we brought it to Dan to see if he could help restore the chair. His shop is so amazing, he brought out different pieces of leather to match for color to our chair. Because our chair was so old, all of the new stuff looked too starkly different in comparison. Dan just so happened to have pieces of old leather from someone else’s Eames lounge that they decided to entirely restore with new leather. What a match! So we should have our newly restored chair with old leather sometime before Christmas. Yay!

A young modernist in training — he has excellent taste.

Also check out: My Favorite Mid-Century Shops in the DC Area.

Lena Duhnam Models for ASOS + A Photoshop Disaster

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Do you know what’s in style for Fall? Lena Duhnam does. And, she’s looking fit as the cover girl for British label, ASOS’ catalog. Except one tiny thing. The folks at ASOS decided Lena’s face looked better in the third picture down (middle image) and Photoshopped it onto this cover image! I only noticed it because I had the photos side-by-side. But now I can’t stop starring at the jagged cut along her neck. No good. Other than that, I love her so much and am excited to know that she has written a book with a collection of essays tentatively titled “Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham.” Apparently the essays will cover an array of topics, taking inspiration from Helen Gurley Brown’s book called Having It All. I’m definitely interested to read her take on life and relationships. Do you think it’s something you would read?

Jonathan Adler design’s for Kohler

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Over the course of the five years we’ve lived in our home, we have done a ton of renovations. You could say we bought a fixer-upper. Or maybe I just married someone with really particular taste. :) Before moving in to our home, we gutted pretty much the entire house down to the studs and installed new copper pipes, a full-on electric upgrade, a new kitchen and two new bathrooms. And that we just the start. It’s been an on-and-off-again labor or love. More emphasis on the labor part. A bunch of our fixtures are Kohler like our apron front stainless sink and low-flow toilets. The quality is very high and there are a ton of choices ranging from stylish modern to more traditional styles. I’m not surprised to see Kohler asked Jonathan Adler to design a color series for its kitchen and bathroom sinks. The colors: Piccadilly Yellow, Greenwich Green, Palermo Blue, and Annapolis Navy are not your every day household shades. It’s no doubt that those bold choices wouldn’t go with every kitchen or bath. You’d pretty much have to plan the entire room around the sink! But if one were doing a renovation, it really wouldn’t be terribly hard to have a white subway tile back-splash (shown above) with all-white cabinets and a statement sink, right? It would make for a pretty kick-ass room actually. Any modernists out there think they could make such a statement in their home?

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