Backyard Urban Gardening Book: Grow Cook Eat

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I find it fascinating how many bloggers have been able to make a living writing about their passions and then go on to get a book deal. A favorite blog of mine has remained Diggin Food, written by Willi Galloway who details her backyard kitchen gardening adventures from favorite-city-of-mine, Portland, Oregon. She started her career at Organic Gardening magazine which is the reason I’ve been a subscriber for the last few years. Now Willi has a book out called Grow Cook Eat. The book explores the point of planting a seed, to nurturing the plant, to yummy recipes to try, to parts of the plant that are edible beyond the most obvious parts like certain roots, stems and flower buds. I’m just so happy that Willi’s book is getting so much publicity, it’s even being sold in Anthropologie shops (and also at Amazon of course)! Talk about really getting your name out there!

Hipster T-shirts for Kids

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Do you have any idea how hard it is to find cool stuff for boys? All the sites out there — Zulily, I’m looking at you — pander to girls and pretty things. Finally something with a little edge and wit plopped into my inbox via Fab (like Zulily, you must have a subscription to view). The playful designs are by Brooklyn based shop, Gnome Enterprises; for boys and girls too. Now that’s fab.

Here’s an invite to Fab — just in case. Lot’s of awesome modern design stuff for the home.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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Here’s a little sweetness for your Friday afternoon. A video rhyme that was filmed at this past year’s Burning Man which was inspired by Dr. Seuss’ book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go. I think you’ll like it.

Felt mobile for the nursery

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When you’re out shopping, do you ever say “I should just make that”? Well, this simple felt mobile is one of those things I’ve had my mind on for awhile now. Except, I highly doubt I will ever get around to making one as perfect. It comes in loads of colors and tones and would add fabulousness to a nursery or any room for that matter. Available at Sqrl & Bee Studio.

Happy Halloween!

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Wishing you a super fun Halloween!

A friend of mine every year organizes a “Pumpkin Walk” in Greenbelt, MD — a cool little co-op town with tons of artisans and musicians right outside of DC. Throughout the year, the community sustainably grows their own pumpkins in a community garden; and the night before the walk, everyone gets together and carves a pumpkin. Then the pumpkins are set up with candles on a nearby trail in an area forest. The neighbors and friends come to the forest at dusk to walk along the trail to view all the glowing pumpkins. The walk is only one night a year. It’s a magical experience seeing pumpkin after pumpkin smiling or growling at you. I hope to make this a tradition. I bet this little one will love it too!

More info: Greenbelt Pumpkin Walk

The 20-minute DIY skirt

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DIY skirt

I am so excited over the idea of sewing a skirt that is so easy, it only takes 20-minutes. The author insists that you only need less than a yard of fabric, scissors, a sewing machine and elastic string. Under no circumstance are allowed to buy a pattern—it’s that easy. I almost believe her. I’ll report back later…

(via Craft)

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