Feeling Springy + in Need of Retail Therapy

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It seems like there’s been a shift from girly dresses and skirts to refined but sexy fitted capris. I’m loving the new look. While I do love the ease of wearing a dress — you just put it on and there’s your whole outfit; it’s more convenient for me to rock the cropped pants as I divide my time in front of my Mac to chasing Jack around. I’ve also been seeing a lot of mix and match patterns of a printed shirt and a different print on the pants. Love! ASOS has a new feature where you can “buy the look” since those ladies always seem to have the perfect ensemble.

Here’s a few of my favorites: 1. yellow capri; 2. pink color block; 3. the nineties called yellow floral; 4. gingham-style (yes, i’m a nerd); 5. tuxedo stripe

Hands down BEST auction house to get your Mid-Century Modern furniture*

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And no, it’s not eBay.

In my attempt to be a minimalist (amongst the many piles, haha) one thing I can’t stop doing is reading shelter magazines and blogs looking at mouth-wateringly awesome ideas to furnish my home. We’ve stuck to a pretty strict classic-mid-century-modern decor with the smattering of IKEA closet structures and kitchen essentials. I had been hearing about Richard Wright’s premium mid-century auction house called Wright 20 that he runs out of Chicago over-and-over as Daryle and I frequented our favorite modern furniture shops around town. So finally I took the hint and signed up for Wright 20’s auction emails just to see what it was all about.

There, photograph after photograph, the most perfect original you-name-it piece staged in perfect lighting, showing the viewer (moi!) what I can’t live without, if I were ahem, a millionaire*. Yeah, this stuff is the opposite of affordable. But it truly is for the most part, one of a kind, iconic, and in the mint-est of condition: mid-century sofas, credenzas, chairs, pendant lamps, tabletop pottery, you get the picture. So while it is the auction house for let’s just say The Elite (Daryle tells me Brad Pitt, a self-defined modernist bids on auctions frequently), it’s fun to dream and get ideas from. A lot of similar styles are available at your local modern shop for much cheaper, they just require a diamond-in-the-rough eye to get a sofa re-upholstered (yes, I watch HGTV) or a sideboard spiffed up with some teak oil, and it could work nicely in your own home. At least, that’s been the way Daryle and I do things.

Retro One-Pieces and Groovy Bikinis — A Spring Bathing Suit Wishlist

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I’m fantasizing about warm breezes, sandy toes and a new bathing suit for spring! What’s with the grey skies and icy chill in the air, DC? There are tons and tons of fabulously eye-catching bikinis with a retro inspired (more modest) shape. I am in love with one-pieces too, they’re cute and girly and super flattering. Do you have any vacation plans coming up? Daryle and I remain the worst planners-in-advance, but for the last few years we’ve spent time in Cape May, NJ the weekend after Memorial Day. Though I’m hoping we can get away at least once more before then.

Here are some of my very favorites: a nineties floral one-piece by Anthropologie, a striped and floral one-piece by Madewell, a polka dot one-piece by J Crew, and a groovy floral one-piece by Trina Turk.

Pictured above: floppy hat, groovy two-piece, anchors away one-piece, sheer cover-up

Simplest most gorgeous gold earrings I’ve ever seen

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I was taken aback when I stumbled upon these beautifully simple gold cuff earrings. Don’t you just love them?!

Dreaming of ‘Valley of the Dolls’

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I first read Valley of the Dolls when I moved to New York many moons ago. I was working for an art gallery and interning at Astralwerks Records, and fascinated by the fast-and-fabulous life of the executives and higher-ups around me. Valley of the Dolls was given to me by a dear friend. I loved reading the saga of a young woman who moved to the big city in search of something more than what she had in her small-town growing up. In New York, I loved having access to non-stop action, art, music and late night clubs at my fingertips. To this day, I advise: everyone should live in New York once in their life (if that’s a dream of theirs), because nothing in this world can match it. If you haven’t read Valley of the Dolls, you simply must.

Here are some fun items that remind me of the book: (1.) Jonathan Adler ‘Sparkle’ a.k.a. never enough pills pillow; (2.) Kate Spade sheer pink heart knee highs; (3.) Classic Eames molded plastic rocker; (4.)Hanky Panky lacey bralette and boyshorts; (5.) Madewell heart scarf (think vintage flight attendant); (6.) Dior red nail polish; (7.) Vintage heart mug and saucer; (8.) Anthropologie sparkly heart earrings

The best all-around small but sturdy city stroller (and super cute too!).

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Like all soon-to-be moms, I researched like crazy the perfect stroller. If I was actually going to use the stroller, I knew it had to be small to get around city stores; it needed to work really well (i.e. go over city terrain and through the park); and it needed to be cute if I was actually going to be seen walking around with it. I took a trip to Buy Buy Baby, which I can attest, is one of the worst places on earth. (Everyone is pregnant and feels like they’re entitled to be a grump // including me at the time!) But going to a place like that is helpful because you can talk to their sales reps, who are surprisingly knowledgeable; and you can practice folding up and down the stroller, and wheeling it around the aisles. I settled on the Bugaboo Bee because it had all of the “bells and whistles” that I wanted. It’s the smallest and most rugged of its kind. There are tons of tiny strollers out there but many of them have flimsy wheels that won’t go over a rock. The Bugaboo Bee can roll right over a pot hole or park gravel. The feature that really sealed the deal for me was that you can turn the seat around so your baby faces you! Most strollers do not offer that feature. You can also attach a car seat to the Bee so you won’t need two strollers (some people will get the “snap and go” to use while the baby is small and then upgrade to the real stroller) by easily removing the seat. (Note: You can only use a Maxi-Cosi or Graco carseat with it. We love our Maxi-Cosi!). There are a bunch of cute colors to choose from. And, as of today … they just released the most adorable limited edition: a blue visor with black and white stripes under the hood! I want it! The only negative aspects of the stroller admittedly are: it takes two hands to snap the stroller in place. It’s an easy snap, but you can’t do it while holding a baby in one arm. This hasn’t posed a problem for me, but I thought I’d mention it. The other, goes without saying — it’s friggin’ expensive, but overall, it’s worth it for all its reliability, ease of use, and cuteness! Have any other questions about it? Let me know and I’ll help analyze it with you!

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