A bit about me. Yes, hi, I am Katie Maciocha (formerly Katie Mathy) of Washington, DC. Welcome to this little spot of sunshine on the web. I started this blog as a way to share some of the most visually interesting things that I’ve found, but slowly the blog is becoming a window into my home. I recently left my beloved job as a designer in the magazine industry for something that became far more important. At the end of 2011, my husband and I welcomed our baby boy Jack into the world. From that moment on — to sound completely cliché, our lives changed forever. I was never the kind of person who dreamed about being a mom and had all her baby names picked out. But after holding my little one, I immediately became a different person. I’ve gone from working 60 hour work weeks to quite literally staring in amazement at all the things my baby does differently on a day-to-day basis. On the side, I run Sunshine+Design, a design shop from my house, specializing in print and web design, logo, and company branding. I’m a gardener, I’m a city gal who loves to escape to a quiet place, I’m a design fanatic and obsess over photography and contemporary art. I’m the wife of a DJ (Washington, DC’s best — If I can’t say it here, where can I say it?!) and this is our life. I hope you like what you see. And I hope you’ll visit again and again.

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