[East Coast] Washington, DC’s best DJ for Weddings, Events, and Clubs

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Really exciting news … Daryle, ahem, I mean DJ D-Mac and his DJ Associates have picked up so much steam that they had a major feature in Washingtonian magazine’s special wedding edition! His business is proving to be a niche market on the East Coast. No longer are people looking for a guy in a mustache to Dee Jay their wedding and make unfunny comments into the microphone. They’re looking for their own individual party of the universe! I know that’s what we wanted when we planned our wedding (and yes, Rusty B. one of Daryle’s associates DJ’d our wedding and our friends are still talking about it 2+ years later!).

I get the feeling that when people think of a DJ, they tend to think two categories: 1.) Cheeseball; or 2.) Too clubby. Daryle and his boys are neither. They’re music fanatics, people who obsess over finding a rare Northern Soul 45 and freak out when finding a dusty flea market go-go track on cassette tape. They love their indie but they also love Daft Punk too. And they also have no problem throwing down a little top 40 or your favorite Madonna track from the late 80’s. They simply mix-it-up (literally, all of the DJs mix in-and-out of tracks as opposed to your “DJ” next door who selects tracks [i.e. turns one song up and the other down.]) and keeps you guessing.

Daryle has built such a following just doing what he loves. I’ve crashed a few of his wedding and have seen with my own eyes, mother’s of the bride with sweat running down their face, their arms held up to the sky dancing their tails off. That’s actually how we met and fell in love — I threw a party and was in need of a DJ. A mutual DJ friend (Neville-C, also an Associate) introduced us and well, after that party, it was all history. Every Friday and Saturday, and even some Tuesdays, I’d stay out till the wee hours dancing with friends and sometimes with strangers if I couldn’t find anyone to go out with, to his tracks at Saint Ex, Local 16, ESL, Marvin, Dodge City (to name a few) and he always rocked the dance floor. Today, he still DJs out on the town, but spends the majority of his time playing for newly married couples and their closest family and friends. Music creates such a powerful emotion and on such a major day in a couple’s life, you should probably have someone who is equally passionate about playing the best songs that you’ve ever heard (like your favorite-est favorite songs that you have to instantly Shazam because you forgot all about that song. You know what I mean?!)  And I know I’m going on-and-on about my husband, but this feature story on him in Washingtonian is the truth! I’m so so happy that Daryle and his crew are getting the recognition that they deserve! I know this sounds so much like a “sponsored post” but if you are in need of a DJ (they will travel anywhere) and want an awesome DJ for your wedding, birthday bash, corporate or holiday party, you should at least take a peak at Daryle’s (DJ D-Mac’s) website and get an idea of the style, and vibe that they are creating. Daryle has a bunch of DJ Associates that are essentially playing the same gospel as he is and you won’t be let down. (Says the wifey.)


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  1. Daryle is the best DJ! It’s been two years since our wedding and we are still talking about how he got (and kept) my elderly aunt on the dance floor. He is magic with music. xxx Alison

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