A bit of sun and warmth — our weekend outside!

March 12, 2013 at 3:32 pm | Posted in baby, DC, life, motherhood, Washington | Leave a comment
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jack-washington-dc-park-exploring=01At last, a hint of warm air drifted into DC promising that spring is just around the corner. Daryle was out of town for a gig, most of the weekend so Jack and I were on our own. We visited my mom in Maryland on Saturday for lunch and fun outside of the city. On Sunday, we marked the first afternoon of daylight savings by spending the entire time outside. We took a long walk around the neighborhood, stopping to chat with any neighbor who found an excuse to be outside. Sure, racking leaves sounded good on such a heavenly day. We then found our way to the local park where we met another little fellow Jack’s aged, blonde hair, named , well, Jack of course! The baby-swings prove to be total bliss for Jack. I love watching his utter glee as he soared back and forth, higher and higher until I get nervous and stopped pushing to let him swing closer to the ground. He’s not quite walking yet, so I put him down to crawl on the rubbery play-mat, among the gravel. He wasn’t terribly interested in the merry-go-round and instead made a beeline for the grass. I tried my hardest not to be a total helicopter-mom and allowed him to crawl through the dirt and cigarette butts promising myself that I’d wash his hands as soon as we got home. (He was fine!) I love watching Jack’s independence grow as he explores farther and farther away from me, though secretly, I want to smush him up and give him a million kisses, though, that’s life and being a mother I suppose.


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