Out&About: Hanging out in the Ice-Cold Sculpture Garden

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05-smithsonian-sculpture-garden-ice-skate-djs-music copy

All through the winter, Daryle and his DJ Associates have been spinning at the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden’s ice rink every Thursday evening. It was a flattering that the Smithsonian approached Daryle in the first place and he and his boys jumped at the chance to form an alliance with such a huge institution in DC. Jack’s bed time has been consistently 7pm for the last seven months, so I’m generally in for the night before the sun sets (sadly). But last night marked the last skating rink party of the season, so we put our layers on and found ourselves downtown to hear DJ Stereo Faith plays his tracks. Rusty B, one of the other DJs on Daryle’s team brought his two kids and even though it was way after 7pm, Jack was ready to party. I wish I got pictures of the little boy, Haven giving Jack high-fives. They’re super-sweet little boys.

In other news, I just got my hair colored (again), marking the most amount of chemicals I’ve ever had on my head in my entire life. I decided the super-platinum color was way too high maintenance for me and switched to a more normal color that’s still lighter than my dark blonde locks. Yay! I think it looks good. :)

Now that it is March, I’d like to notify you that I am officially over winter.

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