The best all-around small but sturdy city stroller (and super cute too!).

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Like all soon-to-be moms, I researched like crazy the perfect stroller. If I was actually going to use the stroller, I knew it had to be small to get around city stores; it needed to work really well (i.e. go over city terrain and through the park); and it needed to be cute if I was actually going to be seen walking around with it. I took a trip to Buy Buy Baby, which I can attest, is one of the worst places on earth. (Everyone is pregnant and feels like they’re entitled to be a grump // including me at the time!) But going to a place like that is helpful because you can talk to their sales reps, who are surprisingly knowledgeable; and you can practice folding up and down the stroller, and wheeling it around the aisles. I settled on the Bugaboo Bee because it had all of the “bells and whistles” that I wanted. It’s the smallest and most rugged of its kind. There are tons of tiny strollers out there but many of them have flimsy wheels that won’t go over a rock. The Bugaboo Bee can roll right over a pot hole or park gravel. The feature that really sealed the deal for me was that you can turn the seat around so your baby faces you! Most strollers do not offer that feature. You can also attach a car seat to the Bee so you won’t need two strollers (some people will get the “snap and go” to use while the baby is small and then upgrade to the real stroller) by easily removing the seat. (Note: You can only use a Maxi-Cosi or Graco carseat with it. We love our Maxi-Cosi!). There are a bunch of cute colors to choose from. And, as of today … they just released the most adorable limited edition: a blue visor with black and white stripes under the hood! I want it! The only negative aspects of the stroller admittedly are: it takes two hands to snap the stroller in place. It’s an easy snap, but you can’t do it while holding a baby in one arm. This hasn’t posed a problem for me, but I thought I’d mention it. The other, goes without saying — it’s friggin’ expensive, but overall, it’s worth it for all its reliability, ease of use, and cuteness! Have any other questions about it? Let me know and I’ll help analyze it with you!


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