New Years 2013 — à la The Maciocha Family

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new-years-2013-maciocha-01 copyThis year for New Years we were conflicted as to how we should ring in 2013. We received a couple different invitations to friends’ parties but there was no way we were going to find a babysitter on such a popular night. We thought about taking Jack with us and hoping for the best, but the more I considered it, the more I imagined all the party attendees thinking we were out of our minds for bringing a young child to a party, not to mention we’d be totally torturing Jack because he’d be so tired cranky. Daryle and I came to our senses; this is just part of being parents. Not that we will never go to a party again, but for the first time in our lives, we have more than just ourselves to think about. We make sacrifices for the family which in the end aren’t sacrifices, it’s just life. And you know what? Who needs a crazy party when we have the best company we could have ever asked for. So I picked out a festive outfit to wear and layered on my new hot pink Trisha McEvoy lipstick (color: “Kisses“). Got Jack in his hipster sweater and rust colored cords and Daryle had a reason to rock his plaid Ben Sherman shirt I bought him with a skinny tie. Ok, so now we look the part!

new-years-2013-maciocha-02 copy

new-years-2013-maciocha-03 copyI whipped up a bunch of hors d’oeuvres (left over from Jack’s birthday party — post to come!) and Cava to sip!
new-years-2013-maciocha-04 copy

new-years-2013-maciocha-05 copyAll together, we counted down till it was midnight in Paris (6pm here). Bonne année et bonne santé! Then put Jack to sleep an hour later.
new-years-2013-maciocha-06 copyTime for tunes.
new-years-2013-maciocha-07 copy And more Cava. :)
new-years-2013-maciocha-08 copyClink!

new-years-2013-maciocha-09 copy

And Daryle and I counted down to the real midnight. Just the two of us. We were celebrating 2012, the most amazing year of my life with my husband and son. We listened to tons of records that for some reason we never make enough time for. Talked about our new year’s resolutions: Daryle to grow his DJ business and start swimming more; me, to be more spontaneous in general, and with Jack; and to lose four more pounds! We poured many more glasses of champagne (you can knock those tiny glasses back quickly!) and felt super silly by the end of the evening. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013. Or as Daryle’s Aunt Tessie would always say in her Polish accent, “To health and wealth!” Sounds good to me. And to love and life. Happy New Year my friends!


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  1. You look gorgeous – what a fun outfit! And what a beautiful family. Happy New Year!

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