ONE Year Old Today!

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A year in the making: My sweet son Jack turned one year old today, so I created this video compiling our amazing year together as a new family.



Dear Jack,

I’ve spent the last 24 hours in a meditative state, remembering the last hours I had before you were placed in my arms. It’s amazing to go through the motions in my head; the excitement that you were on your way, the nerves about how exactly that was going to happen and then seeing your sweet tiny face on my chest, crying and gazing up towards me. Since that moment, one year ago, I’ve been a new person. I have more to live for, I have everything to live for, because of you. You make me a better person. You help me feel love, so much heavier than I ever thought possible. So today, even though it is YOUR birthday, I am also memorializing how I brought you life, through me. Through your father and me.

Every month, I marvel at how you change, your accomplishments never seem to wane. This month you’re interested in games more than ever. You play “Where’s the baby?” with your dad and me and cover your head with our bed sheet and then yank it down and cheer with excitement! You have a new interest in stacking your toy rings on top of one another, one by one. I’m amazed! You are figuring out how to give high fives too. And this month we saw your first wave. Hi Jack!

You definitely have been showing more separation anxiety. Even with our babysitter Audrey, who you love. When you first see her, you know what that means — mom is heading out for awhile. You’ll get very upset which breaks my heart. I’ve never felt more loved! But that’s just a part of life and Audrey patiently walks you around the house, to look out the window or play with the cats, and soon enough, you’re your jolly ole self.

You still mostly get around by crawling with the most deliberate thumps. I can hear you a mile away. I can even tell where you are by the sound of the thump-thump-thump. You love standing and creeping along tables, chairs, and anything really. You have even stood up without holding on to anything for a moment, but quickly sit yourself back down to safety. I’m sure your first steps are right around the corner.

As I write this letter, I hope that you can feel the depth of my love for you. You are a good boy. There are times that I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a happy and affectionate child of my own. You bring joy to your daddy’s and my heart. You make us a complete family. I love you so much Jack, and I always will.

Happy Birthday, my darling son!


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