Big Night Out: Bryan Voltaggio’s Restaurant, Volt

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If you’re looking for a wonderful day trip outside of DC, I highly recommend Frederick, MD. It’s about 50 miles north of the city and has a fantastic historic downtown area with tons of little mom and pop shops with fashionable clothes, vintage wears, lots of cute gifts and a bazillion restaurants. Whenever we have company, we go to Frederick because it is such a surprising little gem of a town.


There are so many delicious, original restaurants in Frederick but we’ve had our eye on the famous restaurant called Volt for some time now. Volt was opened by Bryan Voltaggio who was a runner-up on the television show, Top Chef. Daryle made reservations for a pre-Christmas celebration for the earlier seating at 5:30pm so we could bring Jack.

Well, that little angel-face was in a talkative mood and was practicing vocalizing during our four course prix fixe meal. Eecks. We had our first encounter with an unwelcoming bystander and the manager came over to tell us that they received a complaint about Jack.

I was so embarrassed and felt rather defensive. He wasn’t wailing or throwing a temper tantrum. He was however saying loud “Ahhs” and “Ohhs,” which I defined as: he’s learning how to enunciate and use his voice. (Good spin Mom.) I tried smiling and mouthing “I’m sorry” to the tables around us, but that only went so far because Jack was in a chatty mood. We took turns walking Jack outside the dining area but it eventually got old. Volt was just so fancy that everyone was using their quiet voice which made Jack stand out even more.

volt-frederick-md-03This was an early complimentary appetizer, a puff with pâté inside. Delicious.

volt-frederick-md-04Eventually, I just couldn’t fight it. We asked the server if we could move to the bar where there was plenty of room and a little less formal. We were able to spread out a bit and let Jack crawl around the sofas.
volt-frederick-md-05 The bar was so much more comfortable. Someone even passed by and complimented on what a well behaved little boy Jack was! We ordered more wine, cheese, then coffee and dessert.
volt-frederick-md-06I’m stuffed! The food was a-mazing. I would highly recommend Volt even though the complainer made me feel bad. Jack is really changing every day. He isn’t the quiet little baby boy he used to be. Instead, he’s inserting himself into the family and showing his personality for all to see. And that’s my little boy!


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