O tannenbaum, our family tradition

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Ever year with my folks, we go to Eastern Market for our Christmas tree. Even though Eastern Market is so close, I’m lucky if I make it more than once. It’s a fun trip because there are tons of artisans selling jewelry, carpentry, and artwork and then there’s a big farmer’s market, and a huge flea market full of treasures. You can easily spend the day there.

tannenbaum-02This year, my brother joined us too! He’s super sweet on Jack, and Jack loves him too.

tannenbaum-03My mom wore her funky-cute washed-wool elf hat just for Jack, which he loved tugging at the strings. :)

tannenbaum-05aaMy stepdad, Steve showing Jacky around.

tannenbaum-04Jack found the perfect tree!

tannenbaum-05But he wasn’t too keen to take a picture. :)

tannenbaum-07We brought the tree home to decorate.

tannenbaum-06Jack is mesmerized by the lights and shiny ornaments. And I’m forever moving each glass ball higher on the tree. (Saw that coming.) Happy Christmas!

From the Archives: Pre-baby, pre-pregnancy Christmas Tree shopping and looking rather fabulous in the same jacket. (Can I say that about myself…?)


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