Eleven Months Old!

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My sweet boy, you are 11 months old and I’m speechless. Every month you continue to change more and more. I am so impressed by the ways you grow and explore before my eyes. I study your every way so that I won’t forget a moment. I do believe I remember everything, at least I try so hard to because I love you so much. Your newest thing is standing — like, as much as possible. You pull yourself up on every table, chair, couch, cabinet. Heck, some things don’t even have a ledge to pull on, but you act like Spider-Man with your palms flat to a surface and lift yourself up. You are able to move your feet and inch over to whatever it is you are interested in (mainly me or the cats). You now can hold on with only one hand and keep your balance. I’m amazed, I really am.

For the longest time you’ve been drawn to the bongos; you’re really entertained by them. When we returned after taking a few weeks hiatus from your playgoup in Georgetown, I noticed an interest of yours that I had never put together. There, the teacher/musician named Luis was playing his guitar the way he always does but you were a different boy. No longer were you clinging to me while the older kids were singing and playing. You showed your independence and crawled away from me, towards Luis; and you followed him around the entire room. You would stand up on your knees to get a better look at him, trying to get closer and then as he’d walk around strumming his guitar, you followed behind again. My heart just melted! When we got home, I pulled out my guitar from its dusty case in the guest bedroom and played a few chords. I was a little rusty, but the fingerings came back. I plucked my old standby “Give you my loving” by Mazzy Starr, singing the words aloud and watched as your ears perked up. You reached out to feel the guitar, slapping the strings a bit, impressing yourself by the sounds you were making.

Your vocabulary is really changing. You’ve increased your sounds from mainly “dada” and “baba” to “mama” which sometimes are more like “nah-nah” — but I’ll take it! You babble more and more. I speak directly to you and you’ll babble-babble right back. And I just love it. I feel like we are communicating to one another.

I savor every moment with you my sweet son; and I thank the world for bringing you into your dad’s and my life. You brighten our days you help us love a little harder, loving each other more and loving you so very much.

Love your momma

Here’s a video of Jack playing the bongos. He’s very good at his crescendos and diminuendos. My music teacher from high school would be impressed.


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