Do blondes have more fun?

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I guess every birthday can’t be the talk of the town and this year for me, was nothing to even write a blog post about. We had planned a getaway to Berkeley Springs, WV and reserved a suite at a Spa/Inn. The plan was to relax together as a family outside of the city for a of couple nights. I would be able to sneak away to the hotel spa while Daryle entertained Jack. We checked into our room to discover the shabbiest little space and stink bugs all over the place. I kid you not. It was disgusting and gave me the hebbie-jebbies (I’ve never actually typed that expression before). No, no I could not stay there for two nights with my son crawling every where. I would rather be at my house than a roommate to a bunch of stink bugs in a sad little town 100 miles from DC. We literally checked out within 30 minutes of being there and turned around and drove home. Sigh. So Saturday, the day of my birthday — with nothing planned I decided to relax the day away at a spa in Georgetown. It was very relaxing indeed, but it was actually a bit lonely. So I signed up for everything the spa offered :) — hot stone massage, facial, manicure, hair cut and — a major color change! I said I wanted to go really really blonde. Lighter and whiter! The stylist asked ‘Do you want to go January Jones blonde?’ And suddenly, I swooned because I love January Jones! (Despite her lack of a personality…) YES PLEASE! I sat in the chair for hours with foil and hair dye all over my head. When the stylist washed out the color I looked in the mirror and thought my hair looked clear. OMG. It’s a big difference, and I’m praying that my hair resembles January Jones and not Tara Reid. haha. It’s a bold statement for me, but I’m loving the change.


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