The Littlest Vampire

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For Jack’s first Halloween, he dressed as a baby vampire — and he sure was the cutest little vampire I’ve ever seen. His cape was homemade by my mom’s colleague and we outfitted him in a velvet vest and matching pants. I attempted to put fake blood near his mouth, but that immediately rubbed off onto his white shirt. Duh.

Then we headed to our amazing playgroup where Jack could crawl around with his friends.

It was a bit of a zoo, but I actually had a blast. All the kids were so excited to be dressed up and by all the fun new games.

The little boy above with the lamb outfit with black satin ribbon gave Jack a run for his money in cuteness.

Then we had a parade around the block and went trick or treating. The playgroup is so thoughtful that they handed out bubbles and pretzels instead of candy for the kids. (Jack loves bubbles.)

Then all the kids sat on the church steps and the parents took about a million pictures. Documented.

And here is Count Jackula (no socks) and Super Jack. Cute, right?

Our fun didn’t stop there. Daryle and I needed a little Halloween adventure too… So we headed to our dear friend Lisa’s house in Capitol Hill where it seems like every trick or treater goes in DC. Our friend Neal (pictured) dressed as a panda. His daughter, a zookeeper!

A last quick iPhone snap: Did you know baby vampires like to clap?

Here’s a video of Jack displaying his best Dracula impression.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!



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