Hurricane Sandy / Frankenstorm Edition

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To all my East Coast Friends:

I hope you’re faring well under Sandy’s rain and wind.

I’m feeling rather cooped up as I’ve been preparing for the hurricane since Saturday — making sure my house is stocked with all necessities (water, batteries, food, magazines, etc.). In DC, all schools, the Federal Government, and the entire Metro system shut down. For some reason Daryle’s office wasn’t closed and I had a wifey-conniption. Under no circumstances was I going to let him drive the 20+ mile trek out to Virginia, leaving me at home to (wo)man the house with a wiggly 10-month old little boy. We’ve had our basement flood during a storm before and I would not be able to handle it alone. Plus, the older I get, the less adventurous I have become. I guess because I have more at stake. But I get thinking about all the bad things that could happen in a storm if Daryle were out driving during the crazy wind. So, I put my foot down and he called in and said he wasn’t going to make it. Better safe than sorry and hey, that’s what the internet is for, right?

We’ve had a lazy day, waiting for the hurricane to ramp up. And just now, the wind is really starting to howl.

We each took turns entertaining Jack while the other got things ready in the house.

A lazy backyard shot. (I’m not going outside!)

I’ve been cooking so much, I feel like it’s Thanksgiving. I worry that if we lose power, I won’t be able to heat anything up. Does a gas stove work when the power is out? So, I made corn chowder, turkey pumpkin chili (thanks Caitlan!!), a quiche, chicken potpie (above), drop biscuits (from scratch), and chocolate chip cookies (below). Do you think that’s overboard? :)

That plaid plate is from Target’s Curiosity Shoppe collection. Cute, right?

The 60+mph winds and heavy rain are coming this evening through the night which makes me most nervous about flooding when we sleep and/or bringing trees down. We have a big tree in the front of our house and one in the back too. I’m wondering if we should all sleep in the living room downstairs since that is the most central location, then I’ll have a better sense of what’s going on in the basement.

Anyway, those are my worries. I’m thankful that Daryle, Jack and I are at home together, keeping each other company. Hoping you all are safe and sound and are able to even have a little fun.

Lot’s of love.


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