Ten Months Old Today!

October 23, 2012 at 7:58 pm | Posted in baby, life | Leave a comment
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Double digits, Jack! Way to go, you are TEN Months old today, you big big boy. You are crawling everywhere and pulling yourself up on everything. I literally cannot take my eyes off of you or you will have your fingers in the cat food bowl or will find yourself stuck under the coffee table hitting your head. You mouth everything including any surface edge. You have four teeth up top and two on the bottom. I imagine more are on the way.

You are becoming a big ole momma’s boy. What ever direction I walk, you crawl to me. Sometimes I play a game with you and move to one side of the room, and then to the other to see if you’ll follow and you do. Your love melts my heart, but sometimes, I need a little break, my love.

You are so excited to be on the move that you cannot sit still. Not even in the tub. You get on all fours in the bathtub and then pull yourself up from there (to be closer to me) which scares me — I don’t want you to slip. But boy, when you set your mind to something, you really make progress.

You love eating big people food and you love to feed yourself! I cannot believe how much you are transforming in front of my eyes. You have regressed in your sleeping though, and wake up sometimes two times a night; and I struggle to get you down for a second nap a day. You don’t miss a single beat!

You appear to be the greatest observer of all your baby-peers. You study the other little-ones’ actions and listen intently to adults’ conversations. I swear you catch everyone’s eye. I know most people like babies, but I swear there’s something special about you. Wherever we go, people stop and talk directly to you because you catch their eye. I’m talking about the most random people (not just the little old lady at the grocery store), like a guy on a bicycle waiting for a light to change. I’ll be walking and minding my own business and next thing I notice, this random person is craning his neck because you initiated eye contact. You are so interested in everyone around you and are such a friendly guy (just like your daddy!).

Keep growing and exploring. You make me so proud. I love you my little boy blue.



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