Nine Months Old Today!

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My Love,

Just look at you, you are on your way to being into everything! You are up on all fours and slowly moving forward and back. I can tell you are about to take off in the next few weeks. You’ve begun to figure out how to get yourself from a crawl to a seated position. Now you are so strong that you can easily pull yourself to a kneeling position in your crib and are even starting to almost stand on your own while holding on to something; you look like a yoga baby doing downward dog!

You have learned how to CLAP! …ON COMMAND no doubt [see video here]! It is the cutest thing ever hearing the little sounds your hands make as they come together. Your favorite thing to say is “dada,” you practically say it all day! Now, what about “mama”?!

My darling you are eating new foods like chicken and cheeses! You are even picking up the bits and putting them in your mouth.

This has been a big month for you, you started a daily playgroup in Georgetown and have met a ton of new friends. I love seeing you interact with other little ones your age. From the playgroup however, you got your first cold which led to an ear infection. Poor guy. You have been a good patient despite feeling icky and are on the mend.

For the most part you sleep really well at night but get up before your momma or dadda are ready to wake so I bring you in bed with us to snuggle and nurse. But lately, you seem to be so excited by the new ability to crawl that you don’t want to snuggle at all. You want to play and practically bounce between daddy and me who act like bumpers to prevent you from rolling off the bed. So that extra hour of hopeful sleep really hasn’t been happening.

You are becoming so independent and interested in the world and I am so proud of you and happy that you are experiencing new things beyond your parents. But a little part of me misses our closeness that we used to have. You are growing so much and becoming a little boy, not just a little baby and my heart just melts watching your every move.

I love you so much my little boy, Jack.



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