Louisville, KY: Churchill Downs fun + Contempory Art Hotel 21C

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Our little family got to take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky because Daryle was DJing a huge wedding for a southern socialite (Jim James from My Morning Jacket was even a guest!). Whenever Daryle lands out of town gigs, I do my best to join him and we make an adventure out of it. Neither of us had ever been to Kentucky, I’d heard horse country down there is so beautiful, plus some of the nicest people that I’ve ever met are from KY. Our first stop was Churchill Downs — home of the Kentucky Derby. I bet you didn’t know this, but I love watching the Kentucky Derby! In fact this past year, my horse “I’ll Have Another” won it!

I’ve had a knack for traveling on the crumbiest weather weekends this summer. So I wasn’t surprised when Hurricane Isaac downgraded to a tropical storm and headed through the US in the direction of Louisville.

We caught the last tour of the day and had the entire track to ourselves! I practiced my best Audrey Hepburn “Come on Dover!” impression (from My Fair Lady). Next stop, to the hotel for mint juleps and relaxing.

We stayed at the coolest hotel that I think I’ve ever stayed at!! The name of the hotel says it all: 21C Museum Hotel. You guessed it, it has a fantastic contemporary art collection that is open to the public and also offers gloriously relaxing and modern accommodations to stay the night. The red penguin is part of their logo.

This is the museum space right when you walk in to the lobby. Cool, huh?

And as I peered around the corner, I couldn’t believe my eyes — an original Slater Bradley photo taken of his “Doppelganger” posing as Kurt Cobain. I worked at Team Gallery when this piece was originally shown. Sometimes those art world days of mine feel like a million years ago, but it’s nice to have moments that remind me that I’m not totally out of touch. :)

Yes, the museum had many awesome amenities!

This was a really cool installation located near the elevators. When you walked by, the image of your body would act like a barrier to the floating letters and they would sort of hover and bounce off of you until you walked away. Then the letters would continue to float down to the ground. Really really fun.

Once we got to the room, little mister was tired and cranky. He did not want to sleep in the crib the hotel provided and conked out on the bed. I was happy to have a break, but I couldn’t actually go anywhere because he quickly flips from his back to his tummy while he’s sleeping and I worried he’d roll off them bed. So I read a magazine next to him, something that I love to do but rarely have the chance anymore.

He’s out.

And then he woke up!

To be continued…


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