Lazy Afternoon with Vinyl and Mr. Potato Head

August 27, 2012 at 11:33 am | Posted in baby, life, music, Washington | Leave a comment
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Over last weekend, we found ourselves with a rare gift — a day with nothing on the agenda. The weather was rainy and dreary so we felt no obligation to leave the house. Staying hunkered down, Daryle brought out an old cardboard box filled with toys from when he was a child. He set up Mr. Potato Head and Jack quickly thought it was the best thing to gnaw on. Switching places, I assumed the role as DJ. That minty green album I’m holding was brought back from our trip to Philly when we stopped into the record stop, A.K.A. Music. It was one of those featured albums on the wall. The cover is of a guy standing slightly behind a life-sized, nude mannequin. It’s so bizarre and random that I thought we had to have it in our collection. Even if it wasn’t any good, it would at least be worth framing to hang on the wall. I’m not surprised, it is quite good Japanese pop, though not something I’d listen to every day. The artist is Shintaro Sakamoto, his album, “How to Live With a Phantom.” Here’s hoping for more rainy days just the three of us.


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