Eight Months Old Today!

August 23, 2012 at 12:11 pm | Posted in baby, life, motherhood | 1 Comment
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Look who is on his way! Jacky-boy, you are scooting and rolling every which way. I put you down for a moment and you wiggle yourself around so quickly, I don’t even know how you do it sometimes. You are getting up on your knees with your bum in the air, your arms strong holding your chest up high. You rock back and forth testing your strength and I know it’s coming, you’re going to be crawling soon, and our cats have no idea what’s coming! As does your momma and dad.

You have become a much better napper. We have established a good routine, and I know when you’re ready to rest. Though, I can’t fool you one bit, when I put you in your crib and you aren’t tired enough, you roll over, push yourself up and look down the hallway for me! I can’t hide from you, you know me so well! This month you spotted the video monitor on top of your crib. I caught you kicking and grabbing at it. Well, I quickly moved it and put an end to that. Now it lives in a new place away from your hands and feet.

You have a good healthy appetite and love whole foods. You’re trying mild cheddar cheese, brown rice and chicken! You love the flavor of cinnamon in puréed apples! Oh and unsalted butter makes everything so much more delicious. I’ve never seen you more excited to eat when butter is in the picture.

You remain the happiest baby and smile and laugh all the time. You make loving you so easy. You are a delight to be around and we love you to pieces, Jack Mac!


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  1. Jack is the cutest baby that ever was. Ever!

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