In Philly at the Ole Franklin Fountain Saloon

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When Daryle lands out-of-town DJ gigs, I generally jump at the chance for a change of scenery and the possibility of sleeping in a king sized bed. Over the weekend, Daryle DJ’d a wedding in Philadelphia, a city that I love for it’s urban coolness with killer local shops that I can actually afford. This was our first trip traveling with Jack to a city outside of DC. The weather was unbearably hot. Jack isn’t the best stroller-baby so as we left the hotel with the baby in the Moby Wrap, I slowly became unhinged. We happened upon Franklin Fountain, an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor with actual soda jerks! All of the appliances are authentic from the fifties. They serve bottles of coca-cola, any ice-cream sundae you can think of, and made-to-order phosphate soda.

Yep, that’s me feeling extremely hot.

It was too hot for even ice-cream, so we excitedly tried the phosphates: citrus and grape. So refreshing!

Franklin Fountain is a cash-only bar with the quintessential big cash register with brass push-buttons; the outdoor furniture was charming antique wireback chairs and mini cocktail tables. It was absolutely adorable. We sat outside to cool off (the parlor isn’t air conditioned and the lines can be long) to plan our next adventure. The destination? Back to the hotel to grab the stroller!

We stayed downtown, just blocks away from the Liberty Bell. We joked in our biggest dufus voice possible “We’re here to see the Liberty Bell!” over and over and laughed on our walk there. It started to rain which was a blessing. Anything to cool off a bit!

As much as I love the City of Brotherly Love, having a clinging baby in the heat, in a touristy area with (no joke) cobble stone (totally charming but still) sidewalks can be a bit trying. So we made it to the Liberty Bell, each took our memorable photo, and headed back to the hotel pool. See ya next time, Philly.


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