More Relaxing in Canandaigua

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When we weren’t hanging out by the lake, we kept ourselves occupied around the house. I was beyond thrilled to be able to celebrate my sister’s big 3-0 with her in person. We had the cutest girly morning getting mani/pedis together and then later had an awesome dinner and party. We marked the date with her favorite Sara Lee frozen chocolate cake from when we were kids. Sort of silly, but sometimes the simplest things taste so good.

Daryle brought this cool new mixer to DJ with instead of lugging the huge turntables. We literally had a dance party every single night.

And every morning my mom and Steve took turns feeding Jack.

Jack is going to turn into a banana, he loves them so much.

Fourth of July in good company: Paul and Claire!

And my awesome extended family who live in the area came over for some grillaxing. (I thought the dress I was wearing looked way better in the mirror than it does in this picture — eesh.)

Jack loves fluffy animals. Here, he’s petting my friend Alicia’s coton de tulear (i.e. little cotton puff, cute-face).

Daryle’s parents Grandpa and Grandma Judy came out to visit as well.

And then in the evening we had our own firework show, thanks to a Pennsylvania roadside stand. My stepdad, a photo teacher, showed me how to take these awesome sparkler photos. [Expect to see more, because it’s a blast to take them!]

That says Mary (my mom).

Ring of fire. :)

We managed to sneak away from the house to try some of the area wineries. Believe it or not, I’d never been to a winery once so I was pretty excited to pretend I was reliving the movie Sideways. “I taste a hint of passion fruit!”

This gorgeous land is just a few miles from the Lake.

It was really fun that Daryle’s Aunt Tee, Uncle Tom and John (not pictured) were able to meet us at the winery. They stayed in the next town over from us for a getaway as well.

Group shot!

One last shot of the ladies with baby Jack.

We ended the trip fantasizing about having a summer cottage and then looking up real estate in Canandaigua on our iPhones. I seem to have the habit of wanting to move everywhere I visit. I suppose it’s true what they say, that the grass is always greener, though I really do hope to return. Canandaigua was one of the most beautiful, most peaceful places I’ve been. More and more I long to get out of the city and be in a quiet place. I do love where I live, my friends, and the variety of things to do in DC, but it would be so special to have a retreat. I would promise to go for all holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, long weekends, the summer, any excuse! The memory will remain strong, and it helps to have had my sister with me as she is my most favorite person outside Daryle and Jack. No one quite gets me the way she does and it is hard to live at such a distance. This long break from reality was a special time that I hope to have again and again.


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