Daytona Beach and its World Famous Boardwalk

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I now know firsthand why it isn’t recommended to plan vacations and honeymoons during the summer in southern coastal areas of the US and Caribbean. My sister came to town, and together with Jack, we went to Florida to visit my dad. Unfortunately for us, Tropical Storm Debby (with a “y”) was also visiting him. We flew into Orlando airport, through 20-25mph winds and after saying a bunch of Hail Marys to myself, we glided into the airport without so much as a bump. It had been over 10 years since my sister visited Florida. For me, I was just there in March. The two of us were eager to see the coast we spent weekend after weekend at, burying one another in sand and playing a game of “Peter Pan” (the Mary Martin version) in the ocean as we sang “I’m flying!” while the waves picked us up and gently brought our feet back to standing position in the water.

The weather brought unusually high seas, but that didn’t keep us driving east from Orlando to visit one of the closest beaches, Daytona.

The sky was a dreary gray and the waves were nearly crashing over this lookout.

Stay off the dunes — a quintessential lighthouse shot. :)

My sister, Claire and her boyfriend.

Being carried off to sea…

And my dad and Suzy, so in love.

Daytona’s calls its boardwalk the “world’s most famous boardwalk.” We thought it was a little presumptuous to name oneself the “most famous” and made us laugh a lot.

As the way beach weather goes — all the clouds suddenly blew away. This picture looks like it was taken on a different day, but the sky really did change in a matter of moments.

This is a ride for the uninhibited — not me!

And perhaps the silliest part of the day was when a group of high school-ish boys approached me, barely clothed, asking if I would allow them to take a picture of themselves with Jack — they were participating in a scavenger hunt with their wrestling team (aha!) and needed to pose with a baby, preferably smiling. I told them they found the right baby. Jack flashed a gummy grin, and I made sure my dad snapped a picture for my own “scrapbook” (blog) to remember the moment.


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