Best Invention: On Demand Car Service

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Living in DC, a common complaint is about taxi cab availability. If you find yourself anywhere besides a highly trafficked street, a cab can be nearly impossible to find; or you will finally see one and he’ll be off duty; or most annoying, the cab will slow down with his window cracked — barely coming to a stop inquiring where you’re going — ready to peel away when you say anything like “north of Dupont.” It makes me crazy. I live uptown, in a residential neighborhood; When parties have gone late at my house, friends will call a cab service to pick them up — which I’m not exaggerating take at least an hour for the taxi to arrive (I don’t live that far away from downtown!).

Music to my ears, a new service has come to smart phone fingertips called Uber, it’s an on-demand car service that will pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go. Upon opening the app on your phone, you automatically see how many drivers are in your area on a map with up-to-date GPS of your location and approximate arrival time (generally no more than 7-8 minutes away). The transaction is complete via credit card which is already on file when you register. The driver greets you politely and you are whisked away to your destination with complimentary water bottles and a dish of candy for you to enjoy. The price is a little more than taking a cab, but to me, it’s well worth a few extra dollars for a safe, timely and stylish ride home.

Uber is available: Boston; Chicago, Los Angeles; New York; Paris; Philadelphia; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle; Toronto; Vancouver; Washington, DC.


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