Five Months Old Today!

May 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm | Posted in baby, cats, life | 1 Comment
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Jack Mack,
My little love, you’ve had a busy month growing and exploring. You are changing so fast, whenever we are out and about people comment how big you are, but I always explain to them that you are actually right around the 50th percentile — not too big and not too small. I think people forget how big babies grow in a short amount of time. You discovered your feet this month, when you are on your back, you love looking at them and holding onto them like a monkey. Your legs are so strong you can literally hold yourself up as I help you balance. Is that a common trait for five month olds, or are you going to be walking before I know it?! You are beginning to like your toys more and more. I can even offer you a toy to hold and you’ll take it from my hand!

You remain a poor napper — still. You love being with your momma and I’m lucky if I can get you down for a solid nap once a day. Beyond that it’s cat naps here and there. But because of that, you are the best sleeper in the evening. You will go down without a wimper and sleep for about eight hours allowing your dad and me to sneak out for date nights while Mairezy (my mom) babysits. In fact, two times this week we had commitments that needed us to leave the house before your bedtime and you were quite perfect for Mairezy who had a ball spending time with you all by herself.

Up until recently, our cats Fitzgibbons and Shebeen seemed invisible to you (and honestly to us since you came along), but you now look over at them as they walk around.

The biggest event this month is that you rolled over from your tummy to your back! Your dad and I stand above you so that you’ll look up at us, from there you flop over to your back and smile! Now the next phase will be you rolling over without any encouragement and then the harder one — from your back to your tummy.

If I could hold you until the end of time, I would my sweet boy. You are the light of our lives and I love you so.


In case you were wondering, those little blue things around Jack’s feet are called “sock ons.” They are the nerdiest invention, but keep a baby’s socks from falling off. Available on Amazon. :)

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  1. What? I can’t believe he is five notes! He is becoming such a little person!

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