Flow Final Forward Festival — DC

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What happens when two married electro-heads have a baby, go to a music fest?

We stand off to the side. :)

The bottom two pictures look like they’re from a totally different location from the rest. Our friend Rusty B. (who also DJ’d our wedding — he’s gotta new album coming out, btw) played go-go at the Flow Final Forward Fest in Garfield Park, DC. The DJs and dancing, live/public graffiti and break-dancing all took place under a nearby overpass. The music was so good and I really wanted to dance but was having a hard time bouncing while holding Jack in the moby wrap. I kicked myself for not having a pair of noise canceling headphones because the music was really loud and echoing off the concrete; I didn’t want Jack’s ears to hurt. We moved out to the grass where the other families convened. Daryle and I took turns holding Jack and we remembered how we met — I threw a house party and needed a DJ and Daryle just happened to be available. Music has always been the glue that’s held us so strongly together. I hope Jack will have the same love for it as we do. I often wonder if he’ll take up DJing. How cute, we’ll call him Little Mac as he takes a record out from its sleeve and puts it on the turntable. What a day that will be.

Where marked, photos by One Love Massive.

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