Four Months Old Today!

April 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm | Posted in baby, breastfeeding, life | 1 Comment
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My little one, who’s getting SO BIG? You’ve switched from a tiny helpless baby to a little guy with personality. You are learning how to open those fists and grab toys! You beam with delight when you see your momma or daddy and giggle when we shower you with kisses or your daddy blows raspberries on your stomach. It’s the cutest thing ever. You have really found your voice and you babble endlessly. I swear you are actually saying something in your baby language. I can see your tongue moving like you are enunciating. You’ve always loved looking at yourself in the mirror, but for the first time you have noticed other babies in our breastfeeding class. You weren’t too sure what to think, but you sat and stared wide-eyed at Dominic, my friend Rebecca’s son who is four days younger than you. We hope you will become good friends.

You are slowly improving your nap times during the day, I’m lucky if I can get you down in your crib twice. But, you are a champ at sleeping during the night and lately sleep between 8-10 hours! I have to check on you to make sure you’re ok and you are; happily in dreamland.

I’ve found myself looking at “old” pictures of you when you were in your first weeks of life outside the womb. I was overcome by emotion because we’ve come so far in such a short amount of time. You’ve lost the majority of that baby-fine dark hair and towhead blond is coming in. You’ve grown big and strong. You have yet to try to roll over, I’ve been trying to teach you by laying you on your side to show you how to fall one way of the other. So far that isn’t doing much, but I’m sure it is right around the corner.

You are so aware of your surroundings that you aren’t always interested in breastfeeding. I’ve read, babies become way more efficient breastfeeders the older they get. I miss our long nursing sessions although it allows us more free time to play and flexibility to be on the move.

You continue to amaze us every single day and we love you so much our Sweet Baby Jack.


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  1. Holy Moly, that is a cute baby!

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