Typographic Transportation ABC poster

April 19, 2012 at 10:16 am | Posted in $hit I want, baby, design, typography | 1 Comment
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Good things come to those to wait procrastinate:

Before Jack was born, I was stressing to get the nursery complete. I had the crib, dresser and bedding, but didn’t have much for the walls. I was envisioning a typographic poster of the ABCs, something modern and fresh, and not not too trendy. I spotted the adorable poster [top two images] on Petit Collage, it’s made with soy ink on recycled paper. I totally fell in love — then, I didn’t do anything about it. Fast-forward to today, nothing has been hung in the nursery, and what do ya know, Fab (again with the Fab!) has that exact poster, from Petit Collage for nearly half the price. You better believe I click click clicked and bought. That junx is mine now!

There are other cute items for a nursery like the bamboo laser-cut mobiles and typographic prints on sustainable maple.

Again, if you need an invite to Fab, grab one for yourself here. Enjoy.


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  1. Thanks for the invite — I LOVE the ‘in this together’ print.

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