Easter getaway to Chincoteague, VA

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Look at my little Peter Cotton Tail!!! How adorable is heeee? :)


For Easter, we decided to get out-of-town before Daryle’s DJ season really ramps up and headed to Chincoteague island in Virginia for a four-day getaway. Since we had such a limited amount of time, we didn’t want to go anywhere too far. We love going to Ocracoke in the Outter Banks but that was way too long of a drive. We decided on Chincoteague, which is just south of Assateague where the wild ponies are. Chincotegue has some wild ponies too (which we saw) but just not as many. It’s not the cutest beach town, but it was a perfect spot because it wasn’t crowded, it’s only a 3.5 hour drive, and the house sublets were so reasonably priced; I’ll definitely go back.


My mom and Jack, the first grandson on my side of the family.

I know I really overdid it with the bunny ears. In fact, I don’t think I got a single photo of Jack without the ears on. I’m sure he’ll grow up and hate the fact that I did this to him, but I figured I could make him a precious bunny once in his life. His all-white outfit with navy stripes is from Ralph Lauren.

We had one day at the beach despite the chill and wind. My parents love to go camping and are the kind of people who have everything. They whipped out this cool half-tent/umbrella thing that blocked the wind but allowed the sun in. It was perfect so Jack was safe from getting sand in his eyes as we felt the rays of the sun.

Baby boy.

Daryle and my step-dad, Steve surf fished as my mom and I caught up on our suntans.

After the beach we stopped in to Mr. Whippy for some soft-serve ice cream.

Hope you had a nice Easter or Passover weekend!


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