This Year’s Cherry Blossoms +1

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What’s the point of living in DC if you don’t see the cherry blossoms? Those beauties are what kicks off tourist season in the nation’s capital making any trip downtown an annoying one and forcing me to shop somewhere other than the H&M at Metro Center.

Well, by the time we got down to the Tidal Basin all of the trees had bloomed; the flower pedals were swirling around in the cool spring breeze. It really was pretty despite the overcast sky.

I was happy to see the newest memorial dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. which opened this past year. I was reflecting the beautiful architecture and flourishes, but unfortunately most are downtown near The Mall; they really aren’t interspersed in the city like they are in say, Paris where you can cross a beautiful bridge just to get from one neighborhood to another. In DC the sites are more of a destination rather than what most of us residents see day-to-day.

It’s coming up on nine years that I’ll have lived in DC — meaning, I think it’s time for a change. Though I’m doubtful that will happen any time soon. I always fantasize where the next place will be. Maybe the west coast? I’d really love that.

And here we are! I’m smiling because more of the baby weight has fallen off — thank god. I’m not there yet, but at least a step closer. “Bikini season” has never meant more to me. I’m determined to be presentable by our trip to Cape May this June.


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