Three Months Old Today!

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My little one,

There are so many milestones to note. I can’t believe it, but I was pregnant with you exactly one year ago, even though I didn’t know it; and here you are getting bigger by the minute. Three months old is a big deal for me, you are no longer a tiny newborn baby and as much as you are so much more fun, I’ve become a little emotional knowing your teeny baby days are already behind us. Obviously I don’t want you to stop growing, but I am clinging to every minute of this. I love you so much; I’m crazy about you! I’ve never felt love so madly for anything. I feel invincible and would do anything for you. Everyday brings a new set of things to enjoy and memorialize. You’ve shown a lot of interest for your hands, looking at them and sucking on them. You move your arms in the direction of objects you see and can lift your legs up also in the direction of your mobile. I can’t believe this, but you can hold your head up really well! You love when you mom and dad play airplane; it’s the most darling thing to see. You just love seeing yourself in the mirror. I ask you “who’s that little baby?” and you beam! It is a dream to make you smile. You just had your first giggle and your dad was there to make you do it! You light up when I sing “Mr. Sandman” as I tickle you. My heart just melts. With those smiles and giggles has come the art of the pout. Ohmagod, where did you learn that from? The pout must be as innate as the suckle because you didn’t learn it from me! You went on your first major trip all the way to Florida and charmed everyone who met you. We are planning so many other adventures for you; just you wait.

Your dad and I savor every single movement you make. You have brought us even closer together. We love each other deeply and love YOU more than anything. The power we feel is magical and I just thank the universe for bringing you to us, our little growing boy.

You have my heart,


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