Jack visits Florida

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Daryle and I brought Jack to visit my home state, Florida. My dad and Daryle’s parents both live in Central Florida about two hours from one another. It had been at least four years since I’d been down to the sunshine state. Why it has taken so long is beyond me because we had the best time being reintroduced to the tropical climate and palm trees galore.

We stayed outside Ocala at Daryle’s parent’s house. Lots of fun things to do in their community: pool, jacuzzi that holds like 30 people, golf, nature and non-stop sun. Love it.

Jack did so well traveling. The flight was easy, only two hours. I nursed him on the way up and he slept on the way down without a peep. Daryle’s mom was thrilled to have us stay at her house. Our trip inspired the rest of the Maciochas to make their way down from Buffalo and Washington State to see us and meet Jack; turning the visit into a well-deserved family reunion.

This is my dad having a moment with Jack with Daryle’s father looking on.

The day we arrived was Daryle’s dad’s birthday. What a way to celebrate with his two brothers and sister and his two kids and grandkids. Neapolitan ice cream was served with that cake and let me tell you — it was good.

We were literally in the middle of the middle of the state meaning — no beach. But, there are swamps with alligators! We went on a hike through Silver Spring, a tropical forest. Though hiking in Florida is more like taking a stroll through a treelined area. The land is so flat that it’s a breeze to explore.

Daryle’s sis and two out of her three kiddos (we missed you Paige!).

Teens and adult (ha) looking cool on our hike.

Ooh, dragonfly.

The new little family. I love this backdrop. Jack is sucking on the Moby wrap.

Even though weren’t staying near the beach, that didn’t stop us from driving there. On the way east, way we drove past the most silly and amazing shop that sold lawn ornaments.

I have no idea who would buy something this large, but what a sight! There was probably an acre of land packed full of tin animals, far as the eye could see.

I almost forgot about the Florida lizards. Our nephew, Jake found a green one!

Jack just woke up from a nap.

Back in the car, crossing the intracoastal …

As soon as we reached the sand at Orman Beach (near Daytona), Daryle’s sister and her kids took off sprinting towards the water and dove in. It was a 75 degree day which meant the water was way too cold for this Florida orange. Jack and I enjoyed the ocean breeze.

Our last day in Florida was a special one for me. We visited my Great Aunt Georgie who lives near Gainsville on a horse farm. I have the best memories of my sister and me visiting there when we were very young. I remember exploring every room in my aunt’s spacious ranch house and then would run around in the yard looking at the pet goats No-No and Never (their names) and ride her horses. One unfortunate ride, a young buck went a little wild and galloped, quickly dragging my sister through a low hanging tree. (She was more than fine, just shook up.)

Walking into the house brought back so many memories. It was like a time capsule — everything was exactly as I remembered — except the house felt smaller now that I’m grown. There were even the same family photographs displayed — all aged with time.

The house is just fantastic. A modern designed ranch home with a conversation pit.

Jack saying hi to Aunt Georgie.

That’s Raffi, the horse that took my sister for a ride. He’s 39 years old. I didn’t know horses could live that long. He’s well cared for by my aunt and has a ton of land to roam.

It was the most gorgeous day. What I’ve always remembered from this part of Florida is the moss hanging from trees. It’s so picturesque and it’s nice to see trees with leaves on it during the winter.

My dad and his companion, Suzy.

We had such a good getaway. I don’t want to let too much time go before we visit again. There’s just too many special family members there to not go back on a regular basis.



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  1. Jack is absolutely adorable, what a lovely family. I would miss Florida so much. The greenery, easy going lifestyle and ability to go swimming on a whim keep me happy all the time. There are also many places that are good for raising a family in Florida. And of course I’d miss the palm trees…

  2. […] as a bump. It had been over 10 years since my sister visited Florida. For me, I was just there in March. The two of us were eager to see the coast we spent weekend after weekend at, burying one another […]

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