Playdate at the National Building Museum

March 2, 2012 at 11:56 am | Posted in baby, DC, life, motherhood | Leave a comment
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Daryle and I returned to the National Building Museum, the place where we had one of our very first dates. He DJ’d the National Democratic Convention there in 2006 scoring an extra ticket for his sort-of GF to watch him entertain. I remember thinking I had nothing to wear so I headed to H&M for a smart (and affordable) fitted black blazer and matching slacks. Fast forward to 2012, so much has changed.

Overnight so many of our friends had babies, which makes it easier to socialize with a little one. In fact, we are invited to a dance party this Saturday from 4pm-8pm. Purposefully timed because all of us new moms admit, we can’t stay up late anymore. I’m so zonked by the end of the day and I feel like I barely get a thing done. Honestly, Jack just passed out in his vibrating chair while I was taking a shower and I just left him there. Does that make me a bad mom? I didn’t want to wake him and I really wanted to turn to my much loved blog.

At our play date / more like a parents-catch-up-date, we traded secrets of baby-care, naps, and playtime. Daryle and I are going to Florida to visit family and I’m most concerned with germs. So many people are looking forward to meeting Jack in the sunshine state, and I don’t want him to catch anything. The other moms suggested I be prepared to ask people to wash hands, be armed with hand sanitizer, and to request people not kiss the baby on his face. Will that make me a crazy-mom? I hope everyone will understand.

We ended the afternoon thrilled to be out of the house and promised that we’ve got to do this more often. Spring is around he corner and I’m dreaming of blankets in the grass, rolling around in the warm-ish air. La la.


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