Two Months Old Today!

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My little one,
At times I wish I could bottle you up. Your precious noises, your little facial expressions, your everlasting stretches, little grunts and giant smiles. You’re already growing so fast I’m trying to remember everything as you change before my eyes. I continue to be amazed at the love I feel for you, so heavy in me. You are the sweetest little baby, Jack. You’re so trusting and calm that at times I can’t believe what I ever did to deserve a baby like you. I could spend the whole day starring at your eyes, your cute hair that stands up straight, and your little toes.

You are becoming more alert every day. You are all smiles in the morning and several times during the day too. You seem to see the world a little more clearly as you trail high contrast toys back and forth, and have recently begun to look around at your surroundings. What melts my heart most is when you turn your head to see where I’ve gone. You know who your momma is! I could hold you forever.

You are eating well and have gained two pounds this month! We’ve established a night-time routine and you go to bed in your bassinet, the same place I slept when I was just born. You’re almost getting to big for it too. But I’m not ready to move you quite yet to your crib in the nursery. We still struggle to get you to nap, but continue to work on it every day. Maybe next month you’ll go down with ease. Your dad has been giving you long, warm baths which you love. You also adore getting massaged from the techniques we learned at the infant massage class. This morning you held your head up for such a long time with no help at all. You shocked your mom and dad! You’re so strong!

From your two-month check-up at the pediatrician, you weigh 12lbs 5oz – putting you in the 75th percentile for weight. Good boy, you’ve been eating so well! We can ease up on the 6oz supplement I was giving you to fatten you up. Your head circumference is 39.5cm, and you measure 23in long –which places you in the 50th percentile.

We love you so much and cherish every moment. I already feel like you’re growing so fast, but I also can’t wait to see how you bloom.

Love forever,


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