Check Out My New ‘Do

January 24, 2012 at 8:05 pm | Posted in baby, breastfeeding, life, Washington | Leave a comment
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I’ve been a bit of a hermit these past four weeks. Breastfeeding takes up a ton of time because you have to do it so often. My goal is to feed Jack every 2.5 hours, but he’s been such a finicky eater that he likes to nurse for short periods of time — every hour. I’ve been going to the Breastfeeding Center on K Street (DC) for their weekly group breastfeeding class. This non-profit is a godsend. There to educate and empower breastfeeding moms and provide support for those who are on the fence on breastfeeding. Because Jack’s slow weight gain, I’ve been frequenting their classes and have met with two of their lactation consultants. I love more than anything the consultant named Pat. When I was so concerned and emotional about Jack’s weight, I was also wondering about my milk supply. Pat acted like an investigator asking me specific questions about how I was feeding, how Jack was responding, and helped come up with a plan to increase my supply. She was such a positive and reassuring source. She has literally met with thousands of women and has over 25 years of experience. I felt like she had definitely seen it all and could draw upon her experience to really help me and Jack.

When today’s class was over, I slowly shuffled out of the Center feeling like I wanted go anywhere but home. I’ve been cooped up for so long. Being that it is winter and everyone has the sniffles, I’ve been overly protective as I really do not want Jack to get sick. He’s just too little and it would break my heart. But I was dying for a little something besides my house. So I spotted a Bubbles hair salon and decided, what the hell. My hair was getting so long and stringy. I popped in to see if they could take a walk-in. Moments later, I’m getting my hair washed and head massaged while holding Jack in my arms. I got a few inches taken off. I bet you can’t even notice can you? haha. And had it blown straight. I used to religiously blow dry my hair but haven’t in easily over year and a half. It’s fun to see myself as the old Katie. I remember that style! So here’s some bathroom photos. Now, I just need to lose those hefty last pounds and the old Katie will really be back!


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