One Month Old Today!

January 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Posted in baby, life, motherhood | 2 Comments
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My dearest Jack,

You are one month old today! I can’t believe it was only four short weeks ago where I held you in my arms for the first time.

You were born with my nose and your dad’s sweet disposition. You have been such an agreeable little one and barely fuss – only when you are hungry. You are a lazy eater though, and fall asleep frequently when you nurse so your weight gain began slowly which alarmed your poor mom! You were born so strong and you can lift your head high to look all around. You don’t hate tummy time the way other babies do. You lie there rather comfortably and pick your head up occasionally – just the way you’re supposed to! You love looking at your black and white art cards that help your limited newborn vision. You study them as your mom and dad describe what you’re seeing. You do not like to sleep in your bassinet. I never thought of myself as a “co-sleeper” but it is the only way either of us can get a wink of zzz’s. I sleep on my back with you on my stomach and together we get some rest. I hope to have a resolution to this next month, though I do treasure our special bond. You love the vibrating bouncy seat that detaches from your swing; it puts you right to sleep. I wonder if crib/bassinet mattresses could have a vibrating feature (wouldn’t that be nice?)!

From your month check-up at the pediatrician you weigh 9lbs 8oz – a healthy weight gain from your birth weight, your head circumference is 37cm, and you measure 21.5in long – all of which places you in the 50th percentile of babies your age.

You have made an everlasting impression in your dad’s and my life and we are over the moon in love with you. It has been a learning experience figuring out how to care for a newborn baby. But it truly comes naturally. We are here for you and are in awe watching your every blink, your yawns, and little smiles.


Photos taken by the super talented infant photographer, Amy Moore.


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  1. Ohhhhh so love the pictures, he makes me cry, he is so adorable! I am glad he has such great parents. Love you three, Suzy

  2. He is so precious! I’m so glad to hear you guys are settling into parenthood so well. Can’t wait to see more photos. Hope to see you soon. xoxo

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