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January 10, 2012 at 11:36 am | Posted in baby, life, motherhood | 1 Comment
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Yesterday was the first day I spent watching Jack sans the help of family and friends. Daryle went back to work after two blissful weeks together cooing over our young son. I had been slightly dreading the day because these past weeks have been so new and special for us. The winter brought a long afternoon dusting of snow just in time for my first post-delivery meeting with my midwife, Whitney. I started getting Jack and myself ready a good two hours before leaving for my less than fifteen minute drive over to the place where Jack was born. I was well rehearsed for this outing from the pediatrician appointments we’ve had, packing the diaper bag, loading the car seat and finding parking downtown — so I felt confident to be at it alone. When we arrived at the hospital to meet Whitney, I was greeted with such warmth and a big hug. She asked me tons of questions: how was I feeling? How did I recall upon the delivery? Was it a good experience? How was I adjusting to life with a child? Just then I could hear the sound of a fetal doppler being done in the room next to mine — a baby heart beat in someone else’s belly. I was reminded that not long ago, I was that person listening to this little one’s heart in awe of what was growing inside me. I tuned back in to Whitney’s queries — feeling confident and happy at the journey we traveled and how much I’ve learned in just two weeks since Jack was born. I’m doing really well — the delivery was really hard (more on that later). I’m adjusting to the new schedule of caring for an infant. I probably spend hours gazing in amazement at Jack. He sleeps a lot and when he finally opens his eyes, I weep. I cherish every moment we have.


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  1. You’re a gorgeous couple :)

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