Georgetown’s magical Spice & Tea Exchange

December 20, 2011 at 11:41 am | Posted in $hit I want, DC, food | Leave a comment
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I’ve actually never been one to geek out on tea and spice shops — mainly because the few times I have gone in, I’ve been offended by the prices and wind up backing out of the store slowly being slightly embarrassed. But last night, I popped into Georgetown’s Spice & Tea Exchange after having an appetizer at Sea Catch a block away (love that restaurant, like l-o-v-e) to find such a special store with an apothecary vibe. All spices were lined up in glass jars and the owner encouraged my friend and me to open any of the jars to smell the aroma of its contents. How fun! What amazed me most wasn’t the unusual spices (and there were many) but the typical spices that I use on a daily basis. Take bay leaves (I love making soups) — I couldn’t believe how fresh and aromatic they smelled. Or, the varieties of cinnamon (hello Christmas cookies) from different regions in the world — decadent! There were so many cool salts — yes Himalayan of course, but so much more: smoked salts, chocolate salts, wine salts — no joke! So many neat rubs for meats, fish, pasta and olive oils. And teas too: green, black, and herbal all combining flavors you don’t ordinarily find. Obviously I’m excited about this — mainly because I’m done with buying spices from the supermarket. They’re old and have lost their flavor before they even hit the shelves. For the prices and the ambiance, I think I’ve just stumbled upon a new hobby.


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