Steve Jobs – Think different.

October 5, 2011 at 9:54 pm | Posted in life | 2 Comments
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It is hard to think of much else since I heard the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. For that moment, everything stopped around me. I didn’t know the man. I don’t even know that much about him personally. But I do know that he was one of this generation’s greatest innovators. He revolutionized the way we create, communicate, and even the way we do business. He has brought me and my family closer via our iPhones, picture and video messaging. No, Apple wasn’t necessarily the only company to come up with this technology, but Steve Jobs was able to give the world a product that was so easy to use — products that people young and old are able to understand even if they aren’t “tech savvy.” Daryle and I recently sent his parents a MacBook Air with for the sole purpose of being able to video chat with them. I can remember how big their eyes got, when they signed on and were able to see the two of us sitting at the table. With pride, Daryle’s mom showed us around her newly renovated kitchen like we were in the room with her. Growing up and still today, my mom’s career has remained an art director in the magazine industry (design runs in the family) — it was an Apple computer that was introduced to her in the eighties where she first discovered she didn’t need to literally cut and paste art and text with an x-acto knife and send mockups to the printer. Here I am today feeling like I wouldn’t be able to live without my Mac. I live and breathe with it every single day. When I step out of the office, my iPhone is with me. When I’m out of town, my iPhone gets me to where I need to go. Steve Jobs has immersed his ideas into my life and into so much of the world. And I’d just like to say, thank you. Thank you Steve Jobs for the power you have instantly given to me — to be able to communicate easily, design effectively and do it all with such style. I bid you adieu.



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  1. Your tribute touched me more than any I have been reading or hearing since the news of Steve Jobs death. Beautifully written Katie.

  2. Really wonderful tribute, Katie. It should come as no surprise you’ve captured my feelings perfectly as well.

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