Crater Lake and the last days of Oregon

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Crater Lake is probably one of the most remote places I’ve ever been. To get there, you have to drive to the middle of the state of Oregon, along a really long road until you reach the forest to begin your climb up 5,000 feet in order to see the lake.

Spectacular, isn’t it?

I love this photo.

As we drove through the mountains, we were shocked to see a snow capped peak. Apparently it is not uncommon for the snow to last all year at that elevation.

And then we saw it, the whole reason why we drove such distance. Crater Lake is 2,000 feet deep—the deepest in the United States. The water is so pure because how remote it is. The clarity of blue is incredible as the sky reflects on the water. That little rock formation in the lake is known as the “phantom ship” because it resembles and large ship at sea.

Me, having a moment. I love it here!

Can you spot the chipmonk?

We hiked on several trails within Crater Lake forest. This easy trail was full or wildflowers.

I always complain that Daryle gets in the way of all my photos. So this is a picture of him “photo bombing” (as we call it) my shot. :)

And in case you were wondering how I got around the beautiful state of Oregon—I drove this gas guzzling SUV. Every time I got in it I hummed Jay Z.’s song “Big pimping spending cheese” just because I thought it was appropriate. BTW, I loved driving it!

Coming to on the end of our trip, from Crater Lake, we needed to drive back to Portland where would fly out of. We found this lodge style hotel in Mount Hood that was nice enough.

 I loved the plaid bedspreads, but the hotel room smelled like my college freshman year dorm which wasn’t a pleasant scent.

Before going back into the city, we stopped at a nature preserve to see one of the tallest waterfalls in the country at Mt. Multmulah.

I thought this photo was so adorable. It looks like a bunch of students were lined up by height for a class picture. Isn’t that so cute?

Enjoying our last moments before we need to be on our way. The coffee was in a compostable cup, of course.

Never want to leave.


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