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September 16, 2011 at 12:06 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment

This evening Daryle and I attended the first of a six-week class on natural birth. The class is meant to prepare you for all stages of labor and delivery, giving you practice on ways to reduce pain, ease anxiety and inform you what your options are when the action starts happening. I was barely able to leave work on time to make my 7:30pm class. I’ve mentioned this before, but since my boss has left the magazine, with no replacement coming soon enough, I have been under an extraordinary amount of stress carrying the entire magazine on my shoulders. With that said, I have impressed myself with the amount of tasks I’ve taken on—pretty much seeing every single layout from start to finish. But even so, I can become a curmudgeon and whine and complain about just how much I have going on. My house still has all these annoying projects that require the help of a contractor or painter and, well it gets to be a lot. So tonight when I arrived in a panic to the hospital where the class was being held, I frantically tried to find the location of the room, which of course was on a different floor. On my way up, the elevator stopped on four, opening for just long enough for me to look outside the doors that opened to a waiting room. There, two grown men sat comforting one another, their faces red from tears. As the doors shut, my mind wondered who they were there for, and imagined them getting bad news about a loved one. And, I had a moment: It’s not all that bad. It’s easy to be a complainer about everything. From someone cutting me off in their car, to yet another person needing me to fix something at the office, to my cats throwing up, to the weeds that are uncontrollable in the backyard. Seeing those men made me realize that I have it pretty good. I’m thankful for this life, my husband and my family, my house, my job, and so importantly—this growing baby inside of me. For me, it’s not often enough that I have those realizations. Because, realizing that it is not so bad, reminds me that I have it pretty good actually. I hope I can carry that with me.


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  1. Love this very personal and poignant post, Katie!

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