An evening in Portland (wish I was still there).

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We stayed two lights at Hotel Lucia, a swanky, modern hotel in Downtown, Portland.

The hotel had the best black and white photos by David Hume Kennerly—mostly presidents and political figures in Washington, DC. How great is that photo of Hillary?

Bush, Reagan, and the likes. Boy, I leave DC for a week and still can’t get away from politics. :)

I was surprised by how tall the buildings were in downtown. Really tall! Portland is a real city. Why did I think it was a small, hippie town?

We went for a walk in search of a restaurant. I lost count of how many cool old cars and original Volkswagon Buses I saw. No lie.

We stumbled upon a live tango session in a public square. There must have been five accordion players. I just love the romantic sound of an accordion. I said to Daryle that I felt like we were in a Woody Allen movie. He captures those emotional moments so sweetly with the perfect music in the background. If only I could always live like this.

We ate dinner outside across the street so we could hear the music. When the sun went down, the music was still going strong, and the dancers were even more intense.


to be continued…


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