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May 20, 2011 at 11:11 am | Posted in homeownership, life | 1 Comment
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Hi! Ok, I did not get a dog. I know this photo is misleading. I am dropping back into blogland to say, I haven’t forgotten about you! A couple of times a year Daryle and I like to torture ourselves and do more renovation to our house. We are getting so close to having it all done, I really cannot wait. I think a lot of people imagine home renovation as this romantic, uniting experience (hello Young House Love). At the end of the day, when all is done, I certainly feel good about everything, but the process up to that point, I describe as taking years off my life. It throws me off of my routine—and I’ll admit it, I’m a creature of it. Renovation stresses me out! We plan on staying in our house for a while—which, thank god for that. These past couple weeks, we’ve replaced every single door / door frame in the house. Up until recently, not a single door actually closed in the house (not even the bathroom door). We’re replacing exterior doors, security doors, bathroom, bedroom and closet doors. We chose hard wood, unprimed doors that will be stained in a natural tone (as opposed to plain white). They are going to look beautiful. We’re also finishing all of the closets and lining them with mahogany shelves. So there will be a nice contrast between the white finished walls and the dark wood. Pretty! I’m not showing any pictures because my house is a wreck (which is what throws me off). All of the stuff that was in our closets are either in the hallway or living room. Oy ve!!! And last, we are finally painting every single wall in the house. We’ve been living for the past four years with only barely primed walls and it ain’t pretty. I pray to god that this will only take another two weeks so I can get back to life and then we can finally refinance (new years resolution). Pictures definitely to come.

Now about the puppy in the picture: That’s Ramona, my friend’s dog that I’m watching while she is away. Ramona is a coton de tulear and a little fiesty princess. We’re having fun going on walks around the neighborhood getting to know the neighbors. It cracks me up to hear the sound of people gasping because she’s such a dainty thing. It’s definitely easy to make new friends when she’s around.


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  1. That is a great picture of Ramona! She’s so cute. I hope she and the cats are getting along :)

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