Prettiest Wedding Lingerie and Accoutrements

March 9, 2011 at 7:39 pm | Posted in wedding | Leave a comment
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And just when I was acting like a super-hater, talking to my friend Jen at Etsy Wedding saying [in a high-shrieky voice] “I don’t think Anthropologie’s wedding dresses are that great.” I received the email at 3:59pm today displaying all BHLDN’s (a.k.a. Beholden) clothing and accessories in all their vintage-but-fits-like-new glory. And I take it all back. In fact I immediately sent the link to Jen saying “I was wrong! They’re beautiful! I’m so jealous!” I won’t go and post my favorite wedding dresses, which I’m sure are already all over the internet. But as I searched, I thought “If I could do it all over again…!!!” I clicked the lingerie tab and saw this (top left) simple, slinky and sensuous number. Whipping out my credit card, or better yet, do they take Paypal?, imagining myself in it, I thought “don’t mind me…I’m just doing the dishes,” or better yet “blogging,” or far worse: “watching reruns of The Office!” [in my glorious peignoir]. While I’m at it, let’s play dress up. Lacey knickers would be perfect; as would soft white pumps with a feather (although not ideal for my size 9.5 feet); and let’s not forget lacy gloves—the kind your grandmother had. I’m in la la land.


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